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Chain Gang Charle

He backed mandatory minimums as legislator, now he wants early release as governor !

Going back in some research found some very interesting info.

Governor Crist admitted to using marijuana recreational as a younger man before entering public life.

In other words he made a mistake & broke the law. And is now Governor of the state of Fl.

That said, the potential GOP vice presidential candidate at the time told the newspaper that

"he opposes plans being considered in the Legislature which would lessen penalties for some crimes, such as non-violent drug possession.Currently, approximately 20 percent of the state's prison population is serving time for non-violent drug offenses such as trafficking and simple possession"

That would mean using it !! Hummm

Canadian anti-consumer-fraud activist and author Les Henderson criticized Crist's handling of the Lou Pearlman-Wilhelmina Scouting Network affair in his September 2006 book Under Investigation.

Henderson's book presents documentary evidence that Assistant Attorney General Jacqueline Dowd was forced to resign by Crist's office when she refused to stop investigating the scam, and that she had been intending to file charges under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.[22][23]

A lawsuit stemming from the alleged Ponzi scheme and investment scandal alleges that Crist delayed or interfered with investigations into Pearlman in return for campaign donations and the use of private jets, residences, and skyboxes.[24][dated info]

More on other donations that are in question below. Blood money

Saturday, March 15, 2008
What about nonviolent drug offenders?''I feel that our laws are good in Florida. They were thoughtfully put in place. And I know there is a budget crunch. But I don't want to sacrifice public safety,''

Crist said.It's certainly a tough issue. Illegal drug usage, just like alcohol abuse, destroys families and damages communities.

Those individuals who sell drugs or commit other crimes while under their influence --- especially violent crimes --- should be put away with a focus on receiving help to overcome their usage of drugs and unsocial behaviour as a result.

While you might want Charlie Crist to look into the activities of Straight, Inc., Crist could feel some sort of obligation to Straight cofounder Mel Sembler.

Mel Sembler, United States Ambassador to Italy, friend of the Bush family, founder of Straight, Incorporated

Betty Sembler you might note the Dare program.

Everyone thought The Manchurian Candidate Charlie Crist did a wonderful thing by banning “State” operated “Boot Camps” after the murder of Martin Anderson (1992 -2006) at age 14 by state employees and after a multi-million payout to his family.

But what was overlooked was the private operated “Boot Camps.” Folks these places are still open.

Melvin and Betty Sembler are the reasons why Mr. Crist did not outlaw these private places of child mistreatment and untold secrets.

Surviving Straight, Inc.
In Their Own Words

An doctor served on the advisory board of SEED and approved of such techniques that subjected underage teens to brainwashing?

None other than Dr. Charlie Crist, Sr., the father of the man who now is the Governor of Florida. And why has Bernie McCabe, the State Attorney for Pinellas County, never brought charges against SEED, Straight, and DFAF for child abuse?

It might have something to do with the fact that McCabeat at the time was a campaign contributor to Charlie Crist.

Some other interesting Findings

“In some instances they were locked in rooms by themselves and denied food for days." You might note this sounds a lot like Bill Gothard's prey closet.

“Straight is not a health care organization. It is a business posing as a health care
organization and as a result hundreds of kids have been hurt. All of the business
operations consist of fraud, double and triple billing of health insurance companies at he same time and they bill government grants while telling parents they re not the recipients of any kinds of government money.

Hummm do you think this might be part of the heath care issue in Fl?

Straight, Inc., the Judges and Cops

Through its Character First training seminars, IACC has spread its gospel of character to local government officials like Palin as well as to Fortune 500 companies, law enforcement agencies, federal government agencies, and the private prison giant Corrections Corporation of America, which uses the character training in its prisons. Character First principles are taught in hundreds of public schools across the country.

Cure Worse than Cause?

Which may also play into Charlie Chris pushing for longer sentencing to over flow the prison system in place for private prisons which Corrections Corporation of America has the largest share .


You will note some other players" Bill Gothard " that have become part of the Fl. school system in the form of the character first program.

With character first being minatory for public schools in Fl. you might want to look at cost of materials for schools from an non profit org. "Non profit = No taxes"

Than if interested you might want to check out the sales for these programs on e bay. Cult of Character -- In These Times

This might explain Charlie Chris's two children attend school out of state. The total cost of security to taxpayers so far is $57,000 through May 7. The security began last Dec. 12, when the governor and Rome were married at First United Methodist Church in St. Petersburg

Helpful links

NLQ FAQ: Custody Issues for ex-Quiverfull Parents

"Make sure that our people are safe -- and that means locking up bad people,''

Has Straight really closed? Some how I don't think so.

Crist, McCain donor accused of war profiteering.

McCain had to return his Charlie Crist did not.

WASHINGTON — The chairman of Congress' top investigative committee has accused a longtime friend and benefactor of Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and Republican Sen. John McCain of "war profiteering" by overcharging the U.S. military by millions of dollars for fuel in Iraq.

Sargeant was a fraternity brother of Crist's at Florida State University in the 1970s and has raised thousands of dollars for him through the years. He also was a top member of the Florida finance team for McCain's presidential campaign.

Charlie Crist: Governor Charlie Crist regularly flies on private ...

Crist's schedule shows that he has also flown on the corporate Falcon jet of Mori Hosseini, ... Sargeant and Hosseini could not be reached despite messages left at ... connected to Sargeant, Scott and Hosseini in the past two years, ...

Who buys when Crist flies?

On a Thursday afternoon earlier this month, Scott's plane brought Crist from Tallahassee to Clewiston, on the edge of Lake Okeechobee. U.S. Sugar executives and South Florida water officials were in crucial talks there over a stalled $1.34 billion deal to restore the Everglades: a prime Crist initiative.Crist told the Sun Sentinel he was not there for the talks but was taking personal time to show his wife the Everglades.

The governor's calendar was empty that afternoon and made no mention of the flight. But thats not what he states "I'm never not governor," Crist said this week. "I have no days off. I'm working all the time."

Gov. Charlie Crist's schedule shows many blank days

This brings up questions as to what was more important to Govenor Chris and perhaps why over fixing the flooding issues in the state of Fl. for which he took pleadge to serve and protect.

Read Crist’s Lips: Some New Taxes Ops read more here

Crist signs bill to raise Citizens rates by 10%
28 May 2009

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist has signed legislation to allow the state-run insurer to increase rates up to 10% per policy per year, beginning in 2010, until it reaches an actuarially sound level. The measure provides Citizens Property Insurance Corp. with a "glide path" to actuarially sound rates ? something the state-run insurer has not had since laws were enacted several years ago to keep rates frozen.

Charlie Crist, governor of Florida, has signed a bill that could raise rates offered by Citizens, Florida’s state-run insurer, by 10%.

Florida officials' salaries to be cut 2 percent
Though Gov. Charlie Crist bragged state worker pay wouldn't be cut, his salary and that of a thousand other officials will still be reduced.

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