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Charlie Crist Natural Disaster Master

Looks like Mr. Charlie forgot to fix the E-pass system too & some how don't think his insurance is through State Farm.

Florida's Unnatural Disaster
Charlie Crist, taxpayers and the next hurricane.

Who needs Mother Nature to cause a catastrophe? Florida's politicians are busy creating an unnatural disaster in their state insurance market that will blow away taxpayers when the next big hurricane hits. And we mean taxpayers across America.

Last month State Farm pulled the plug on its 1.2 million homeowner policies in Florida, citing the state's punishing price controls.

The state's largest insurer joins a raft of competitors that have already reduced or dumped their property and casualty business in the Sunshine State, including Prudential, Allstate, Nationwide and USAA.

This is the inevitable result of Governor Charlie Crist's drive to control property-insurance premiums. The Republican also lobbied his GOP legislature to make the state government a giant competitor in the market, undercutting private insurers.

State Farm's local subsidiary recently requested an increase of 47%, but state regulators refused. State Farm says that since 2000 it has paid $1.21 in claims and expenses for every $1 of premium income received. Since January 2008 alone, the company's surplus has fallen to $621 million from $820 million.

Every month in Florida, State Farm loses $20 million. So it finally said, No mas.

Meanwhile, Floridians have been signing up with Citizens Property Insurance Corp., the state-run insurer that Mr. Crist unleashed in 2007. Because it has an implicit taxpayer guarantee, and because its actuarial assumptions are, well, loose, Citizens can offer lower premiums than private competitors can. Citizens has become the largest insurer in the state, with 1.1 million policies.

Mr. Crist has thus guaranteed that Floridians, rather than the global insurance industry, will be on the hook for property damage when the next Katrina hits. Citizens is facing more than $400 billion in potential exposure, yet

Citizens Chief Financial Officer Sharon Binnun was recently cited in the South Florida Sun Sentinel as saying it had only $3.4 billion in net assets.

Anxious to keep voters happy, legislators have frozen Citizens premiums the past three years.

In Florida, and another storm is inevitable. To pay for those claims when they come, Mr. Crist will either have to raise taxes on Floridians, or beg Congress for a rescue.

Mr. Crist tried the latter in 2007 when he pushed federal legislation to distribute below-market loans to state insurance programs and create a federal reinsurance body to backstop under capitalized states.

Even the Governor may be catching onto his folly. While dismissing State Farm's exit -- "Floridians will be much better off without them" -- he is pushing for a law barring the company from dropping more than 2% of its customers in a single year.

So, having publicly brutalized State Farm, undercut its business and set its prices, Mr. Crist now wants to require it to keep losing money.
Mr. Crist's behavior stands in contrast to that of Louisiana, of all places. Baton Rouge also established a Citizens insurer after Katrina but only as a "last resort."

Louisiana has a thriving private insurance market, in part because regulators have let companies adjust their rates.

By law, Louisiana Citizens cannot offer competitive prices, save in a few high-risk coastal areas. From a peak of about 170,000 policies in 2007, it now holds about 130,000 (about what it had before Katrina) and is aiming to get below 100,000.

It's scary to imagine the bill taxpayers will get when the next big hurricane hits Florida. It's even scarier to think Mr. Crist is being touted as a potential GOP candidate for the White House.

Meanwhile, Floridians have been signing up with
Citizens Property Insurance Corp.

After an little research found in did not work so well for the citizens of Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina.

The state-run insurer that Mr. Crist unleashed in 2007. Because it has an implicit taxpayer guarantee, and because its actuarial assumptions are, well, loose, Citizens can offer lower premiums than private competitors can.
Citizens has become the largest insurer in the state, with 1.1 million policies.

Mr. Crist has thus guaranteed that Floridians, rather than the global insurance industry, will be on the hook for property damage when the next Katrina hits.

Citizens is facing more than $400 billion in potential exposure,

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Mr. Charler Flys the Friendly SkyWays

Can you guess where old Charlie jetted off to on that same day, June 11? As the Tampa Tribune now informs us, he made a beeline for one very specific South Florida domicile: "the Fort Lauderdale home of billionaire Wayne Huizenga. ...

At least we knew where our Govenor was.

Now one may ask your self just where besides Mr. Wayne Huizenga having mega money have you heard that name before??

Maybe here over this issue From 1976-1985 it was known as Straight, Inc. and Wayne Huizenga had a reputation for being one of the major contributors to this foundation another was Melvin Sembler .

His name also appears in his issue.

Campeche 4.10.06
skyway Communications Holding Corporation Enters Sales and Marketing Agreement ...... and sold his company to Wayne Huizenga's Waste Management in Miami

There are other names that pop up who was doing the same thing as Mr. Crist. To refresh ones memory.

SkyWay is owned by an international assortment of spooks, Saudis like the long-time lieutenant of Saudi billionaire Adnan Khashoggi, and a number of other connected individuals.

SkyWay was founded by a Miami lawyer who is also the U.S. President of a banned Israeli ultra-nationalist political party.

SkyWay has provided material assistance to Florida Republicans associated with Jeb Bush, like at the time current Florida Senator Mel Martinez, who barnstormed around Florida during his run for office in a plane provided gratis by SkyWay Aircraft.

But of course they would had taken Mr. Mel Martinez word that he was paying for trips and where not ment as any sort of gift too.

Four current members of the nine-person Ethics Commission were appointed by Crist, including the chair, Tampa lawyer Cheryl Forchilli.

This makes one wonder the reason Mr Martinez decided to retire after this skyway connection came to light.

This is only one connection please take your time to read through

Monday, June 15, 2009

Taking a LEAP with Charle Crist

At a time when state lawmakers are combating massive budget deficits, state Sen. Victor Crist, R-Tampa, found a way to squeeze savings and inmates out of Florida's rapidly expanding prison system.

The measure, approved by the Legislature and signed by Gov. Charlie Crist, gives corrections officials the option of sending prisoners to other states. The law takes effect July 1."
Wow. Florida would rather send people to other states and pay for inmate incarceration instead of being smart and helping many non-violent addicts get treatment. Once again I say "It's the Prohibition!"

They are talking that statics show inmates separated from their families are less likely to be rearrested again.

My question is who has performed these numbers wheres the links for all us other voters in Fl. to see?

Is this like the numbers that show we needed to drill new wells off the cost of Fl. to lower the price of gas ?

When even if they could drill an new well in less than 2 years would not have an effect on the current price of gas.

The other side of this issue is some of these numbers are known as inmates families.

Wives trying to raise kids alone. Kids that with out contact will be the next generation of gang members and if LEAP gets his way legal drug users.

Sending inmates out of state to serve their time is just so they will not have to answer the question to it being cheaper to have rehab than to fund an inmates with tax dollars.

Do you think the other state in which we send them will pay the cost? Some how I don't think so.
So with no really proof and no savings to the tax payer whats the really reason for it.

Maybe the link to this issue is to force the private prisons to the for front.

Which Corp America of the largest. With ties to those who have programs that are also in our school systems not only in Fl. but across the U.S.

But what was overlooked was the private operated “Boot Camps.” Folks these places are still open.

The program LEAP states they have 10,000 members but only the names of an few published for their protection.

You would think the drug dealers would not be an danger.

Than who are they being protected from.

The dog with a nose for wrongful convictions

Could this be the same charle Crist "That opposes plans being considered in the Legislature which would lessen penalties for some crimes, such as non-violent drug possession.Currently, approximately 20 percent of the state's prison population is serving time for non-violent drug offenses such as trafficking and simple possession"???

It's suspect that our elected officials -- State Attorney Norm Wolfinger, Gov. Charlie Crist and Attorney General Bill McCollum -- haven't even tried to find an answer.

Maybe there are those who might spot links with other programs associated into our public school system.

This brings up where is the money the lotto was suppose to support and which gambling is now being pushed to do?

If the lotto did not help because no ones asking the questions as to where the original funding went. And the whole state school system in the red bailed out by government funding.

Than what makes Crist think when that runs out in two years the gambling will do what the lotto didn,t ?

Oh ya I forgot he wants to take the fight else where to the Senate.

Charlie Crist next month releases the first fundraising report of his campaign for the Senate.

I wonder if anyone will look into where all these funds came from being that he's had an history of questionably sources.

Crist, McCain donor accused of war profiteering
Alot of info on this post.

But with all said and done I find it interesting they what to make legal the very offense the prisons are over crowed with and willing to send to other states at the cost of our state dollars and the cost of transportation to the other states .
which are facing like problems & issues.

An question I have is this if you make legal the offense other are in jail for what happens to them when its no longer against the law?

The other possible reason is they know this would not fly with the voters making way for more private prisons such as Corp. America. Which in older post have connections to Bill Gothard and Character first.

The million dollar question here is should not Charle Crist be asked these questions before he leaves?

Law Enforcement Group Backs Legalizing Drugs

The drug tracking law (SB 462) is designed to reduce, if not end, Florida's role as the nation's leading supplier of drugs for illicit purposes.

Addicts and dealers come to the Florida because surrounding states already have such systems that collect data on pain killers such as oxycodone and other potentially lethal prescription drugs.

If they legalize drugs addicts and dealers might save money on travel but that would be the only way they would stay out of Florida.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Crist, & Skyway Communications fraud,drug trafficking op

Florida,Charlie Crist,Republican Skyway Communications stock fraud,drug trafficking op

A person of interest should be Brent Kovar

"SkyWay is reorganizing under a new name, World Capita Communications Inc. Its owners are some of the Arab investors, bankruptcy records show. They now own Kovar's patent for a formula that compresses data for satellite transmission" from this artical.

Submitted by anonymous on October 7, 2006 - 8:05pm

Asa Hutchinson,Charlie Crist:Two Republicans covering up far right drug trafficking ? TAMPA - Just after noon April 5, a DC-9 twin-engine jet registered to a Clearwater company took off from St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport bound for Caracas, Venezuela.

Five days later, the plane landed at an airport in Mexico near the Gulf Coast. The Mexican army was waiting. Mexican officials seized the plane and its contents - 128 black briefcases marked "private," containing 5.5 tons of cocaine worth about $100 million on the street, according to the Mexican attorney general's office.

- The Tampa Tribune Asa Hutchinson,Charlie Crist:Two Republicans covering up far right drug trafficking ?

- The Tampa Tribune Florida,Charlie Crist,Republican Skyway Communications stock fraud,drug trafficking op by Tony Ryals I do use the term 'cover up' with reason.Both Arkansas gubernatorial candidates either know Republicans and Republican connected business fronts,mainly penny stock scams are both defrauding investors as well running drugs.

The Republican 'company', Skyway Communications of Lakeland, Florida demonstrates this all too well.I wonder why Asa or Crist never managed to bust no big time Republican drug traffickers ?

They may turn out to be the biggest whether in Mena Arkansas of Iran Contra days....or Afghanistan opium or the Republican 'company' Skyway Communications busted in Mexico in April with over 5.5 tons of cocaine on board for example.

...... Remember Asa was the DEA drug zsar for a while under W Bush while the biggest increase in heroine production in world history took place after the overthrow of the Talban by the W Bush Regime.

Also coincidentally Asa Hutchinson was Arkansas state's Attorney General in the 1980's when the Mena Arkansas drug trafficking scanal was occuring also probably involving members of the Reagan-Bush Republicans who sought extra money to fund their Central American wars and the Iran Contra scandal was born then covered up by the U.S. government.

Florida,Charlie Crist ,Republican Skyway Communications stock fraud,drug trafficking op A new book claiming that Florida Republican Gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist covered up a major fraud to bilk individuals dreaming of a life in modeling,may not go far enough in my opinion.

While a search 'charlie crist penny stock' can find an occasional example of the Florida Attorney General slapping the hand of a penny stock scamster,the real story is in

Who Crist Doesn't investigate !

For instance one penny stock scam out of Miami with Israeli connections and also with connections to both Israeli President Moshe Katsav and Islamic terrorist money laundering suspect Mohamed Hadid,is called UCSY or Universal Communications Systems.

Or another Question as to why he did not investigate where money donations came from for his campaign?

Crist, McCain donor accused of war profiteering.

He takes credit for crack down Charlie Crist announced the 10-week crackdown on Child Pornography is this not a little late after the Mark Foley afair ???,2933,525567,00.html

Subsequently, it’s become clear that Congressional leadership “knew for months about e-mail traffic between Representative Mark Foley and a former teenage page, but kept the matter secret and allowed Mr. Foley to remain head of a Congressional caucus on children’s issues.”

The UCSY CEO is British Israeli Michael Zwebner whose supposed 'airwater machines' have supposedly provided water for President Katsav himself and who claimed in businesswire press releases or paid promotions,to be impressed by the taste of this supposed water the Zwebner machine supposedly provided. The links below to 3 UCSY press releases, or paid advertisements for Zwebner's worthless UCSY shares,document Israel President Moshe Katsav's,(now being accused of rape and keeping offshore accounts to receive bribes for political pardons),name was used by Zwebner to promote his Florida, Nevada and international stock fraud. Two more recent press releases claim the U.S. governent is buying his non existent 'airwater machines'.

And why not ? Zwebner has used both the Israeli army and U.S. military in Iraq,(dead and wounded Americans),as well as tsunami victims,to make false claims to sale or dump worthless shares on defrauded investors around the world !

And surely the U.S. SEC knows the fraud they have allowed for years and SEC Chairman Christopher 'WMDS' Cox who lied about WMDS that led untold numbers of Americans and Iraqis to their deaths,knows that U.S. penny stocks have been used and still are,in Kuala Lumpur,Dubai,UAE etc. for fraud and probable money laundering.Why ?

The interesting player here seems to be Dubia. "Dubai wants to build hollywood east in Florida "

Heres the second articleDubai-based Capital Plus Holding Company is planning to build a media complex in Florida that could rival studios in Hollywood.

This might explain Crist's stand on the growth management bill of Fl.

The company is scouting for 800 acres of real estate and plans to make a decision in the next three months. Although the exact location has not been finalised, Orlando, Miami and Tampa/St Petersburg are the likely options.

According to the local media, several Florida politicians have met Dr Mohamed Saleh, Chairman of Capital Plus Holding Company, during his visit to Florida.

"These individuals have a great interest in Florida and they are from Dubai," Florida Governor Charlie Crist was quoted as saying.

Florida State Representative Kevin Ambler of Hillsbo rough County also met the visiting representatives and said: "Florida is trying to be the next great Hollywood of the country" and the potential partnership could make it happen.

The projects that we are talking about could create upwards of 8,000 jobs and infuse billions of dollars into our economy," he added. The company is also looking into creating a global real estate investment institute in Florida that would trade properties and shares worldwide.

This brings up Question as to link to during an time we as an nation we are trying to lesson our dependency on out side oil Governor Chris trying to sell what already belongs to the public of Fl.

There were originally eight bidders varying for the Alligator Alley lease and at least one of the foreign investors, VINCI Concessions, notified state officials in March that it would no longer submit a bid because of deteriorating economic conditions.

Six foreign-based teams expressed interest in the lease last year. One dropped out in November because of the global recession. The others asked for more time to shore up financing with lenders.

Crist lobbies for leasing Alligator Alley

Who's Behind the Dubai Company in U.S. Harbors?

Six U.S. port facilities are being "sold" to a company owned by the United Arab Emirates may be grist to the election-year mill for politicians from both parties, but the resulting furor may obscure the challenges of port security.

The transaction was approved by the Bush administration after a routine evaluation by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, an inter-agency body that assesses the security implications of foreign acquisitions of major U.S. infrastructure assets. U.S. officials say that both P&O and Dubai Ports World have solid security records.

This coming from the same Bush administration that said the had discovered weapons of mass D.

Who is Edward Ted H. Bilkey, the Dubai shill who'll lobby for the ports?,8599,1161466,00.html

Universal Communication Systems Inc. Subsidiary AirWater Corporation Receives Presidential Endorsement of Its Products Universal Communication Systems, Inc. Subsidiary Air Water Corporation, Hosts Private Exhibition in Washington, DC for Government Officials, Senators and Congressmen to Introduce Air Water Machines and Systems on Monday & Tuesday June 12th and 13th, 2006 Universal Communication Systems, Inc. Subsidiary AirWater Corporation Secures United States Government Official Order for Air to Water Machines Tuesday October 3,2006

Mr.Michael Zwebner has had a history of questionable business deals in England and past mafia connections in the years he has resided in the U.S..Michael Zwebner appears to be involved with some of the same 'talent scout' scams that Crist's Attorney General's office has helped cover up.

I could go on about this but I have written about the Zwebner, Katsav,Hadid penny stock scam UCSY previoiusly and links can be found below. Michael Zwebner and Mohamed Hadid,lie about producing 'air to water' machines when the only thing UCSY 'produces' is worthless U.S. penny stock shares that can be used around the world as virtually counterfeit money because the U.S. SEC and its Republican Chairman Chris Cox,( who lied about WMDS in Iraq and pushed for lax SEC enforcement as a congressman in the 1990's over Bill Clinton's veto), never audit the millions or even billions of worthless shares that are dumped or sold around the world all based upon lies and fraud.

An even worse penny stock scam than UCSY,and perhaps even worse than Adnan Khashoggi's GenesisInterMedia,is Skyway Communications of Lakeland,Florida whose DC-9,(PAID FOR WITH WORTHLESS U.S. PENNY STOCK SHARES), was captured by the Mexican army in Ciudad Del Carmen Campeche,Mexico in April with over 5.5 tons of cocaine on board ! SkyWay Communications Holding Corp Announces Congressman and Republican Majority Leader Tom Delay's Appointment of Brent C. Kovar, President of SkyWay, to the National Republican Congressional Committee Business Advisory Council SkyWay Communications Holding Corporation to Provide Integrated Airport Security System to the State of Florida Department of Transportation SkyWay Communications Holding Corporation Enters Sales and Marketing Agreement With Titan to Provide High-Speed Airborne Network Services Skyway Communications' DC-9 was transfered to a holding company called Royal Sons some time before the Mexican army confiscated the plane.Royal Sons had previously used Huffman Aviation in Venice,Florida where Mohamed Atta trained for 9/11 as its address.Further, Jeb Bush's Florida Department of Transportation was used to promote Skyway(to help dump its worthless shares on defrauded investors).

Titan Corporation of San Diego,who are no doubt W Bush and Republican supporters and beneficiaries,(they were paid big bucks to torture in Abu Graib, Iraq),also issued a press release claiming to be investing over $1 billion in Skyway and even Tom DeLay and a 'Republican' business council endorsed Skyway Communications and its CEO Brent Kovar before the 5.5 ton cocaine bust in Mexico!: Mystery Surrounds Plane Filled With 5.5 Tons Of Cocaine BYLINE: HOWARD ALTMAN and KAREN BRANCH-BRIOSO, The Tampa Tribune TAMPA - Just after noon April 5, a DC-9 twin-engine jet registered to a Clearwater company took off from St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport bound for Caracas, Venezuela. Five days later, the plane landed at an airport in Mexico near the Gulf Coast.

The Mexican army was waiting. Mexican officials seized the plane and its contents - 128 black briefcases marked "private," containing 5.5 tons of cocaine worth about $100 million on the street, according to the Mexican attorney general's office. Beyond the seizure and the arrest of the airplane's co-pilot - the pilot escaped - much about the journey is shrouded in mystery. Federal Aviation Administration records indicate that when it was captured, the plane was registered to Royal Sons Inc., a Clearwater-based aircraft dealer.

The records also indicate that April 11, the day after the plane was seized, the FAA received a request from Royal Sons to cancel the registration. FAA records indicate the plane was being exported to Venezuela, but they did not indicate when. Company officials did not return phone calls from The Tampa Tribune.

FAA officials on Wednesday said they could not comment on the plane's ownership or its flight plans.
.......................................................................................................... We can only assume that Charlie Crist's as well as Chris Cox's and the SEC's 'liberal' attitude about fraud and money laundering with U.S. PENNY STOCKS IN TERRORIST SUSPECT MONEY LAUNDERING STATES SUCH AS THOSE OF BUSH'S MIDDLE EAST 'ALLIES' KUWAIT,DUBAI AND SAUDI ARABIA, ETC., IS NOT AN ACCIDENT.

Iran for instance is not using U.S. penny stocks to defraud Americans, launder money and perhaps traffic in drugs such as Skyway Communications of Florida with its Kuwait and Saudi 'investors' and Republican connections has done. Book: Crist tried to 'whitewash' probe By JOE FOLLICK Sun Tallahassee Bureau October 03. 2006 6:01AM TALLAHASSEE -

Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist is the subject of a new book that claims the attorney general tried to "whitewash" an investigation into now-bankrupt talent and modeling agencies.

The book, "Under Investigation," was written by Les Henderson, an Ontario man who has previously written about how scams are operated. He is publishing the 511-page book himself. Crist's campaign manager George LeMieux was deputy attorney general under Crist and is at the center of Henderson's claim that the investigation was dismissed for political reasons. LeMieux said Monday the claim was "without merit" and that neither he nor Crist had any role in deciding how investigations were pursued, leaving those decisions to staff attorneys around the state.

Beginning under Crist's predecessor, Bob Butterworth, the attorney general's office investigated a number of complaints against various modeling agencies that were later purchased by Lou Pearlman. Pearlman is a well-known entertainment entrepreneur and managed famous "boy bands" the Backstreet Boys and N'Sync. Pearlman and his affiliated companies gave $5,000 to Crist's gubernatorial campaign in June 2005, more than a year after the attorney general's investigation was dropped.

The Attorney General's Office began investigating the companies in 2002 after receiving more than 2,000 complaints and continued when Crist took office in January 2003. Many of the complaints were based on actions of scouts from the businesses who would approach individuals in public with assertions that they could become models.

Those interested were then asked to pay about $1,000 to be listed on Internet sites with assurances of finding work. The head of the attorney general's local economic crimes unit in Orlando that led the investigation, Jackie Dowd, said Monday she had prepared a lawsuit based on deceptive business practices against the companies.

But she said she was dismissed after 11 years with the unit with no reason in early 2004 before the suit could be filed. "There were no job issues, there were no performance issues," Dowd said of her dismissal. Asked if her involvement in the investigation of Pearlman's companies was a reason for the dismissal, Dowd said, "I certainly did wonder about that. That was one of the possibilities. I just don't know."

LeMieux said that Dowd resigned from her job after differences of opinion related in part to Dowd's speaking to the press about ongoing investigations. He said the parting was "amicable." A few months later, Dowd's replacement - John MacGregor - eviscerated Dowd's work in a memo that largely praised Pearlman's businesses and led to the end of the investigation
........... ........................................................................................................... Below a list of Skyway Communications 'offshore' investors who are or were sueing Skyway Communications 'management' that includes Al Ali Al Sabah head of Kuwait National Guard and the Kuwait royalty,and thus you can bet,intimate associates of the Bushes,including or particularly Bush daddy,George Herbert Walker Bush.: SKYWAY COMMS: SEC and FBI Investigations Underway ------------------------------------------------- Alexis Muellner, writing for the Tampa Bay Business Journal reports that the Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating Skyway Communications Holdings Corp. in connection a federal lawsuit alleging misuse of millions of dollars and securities fraud.

Mr. Muellner also reports that the FBI are also interested in the names of the Talib group. Brent C. Kovar, the Debtors' president and CEO told Mr. Muellner that some of those names have a red flag. Mr. Muellner adds that the FBI will neither confirm nor deny that investigations are underway. As previously reported in the Troubled Company Reporter on Aug. 9, 2005, a consortium of lenders known as the Talib Parties asked the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Florida, Tampa Division, to dismiss the chapter 11 case filed by SkyWay Communications Holding Corp. fka I-Telecom, Inc., fka Mastertel Communications Corp.

Abuse of Judicial Process The Talib group charges that SkyWay's bankruptcy petition was filed in bad faith. They argue that the Debtor's behavior, before and after the bankruptcy filing, clearly speaks of abuse of the judicial system.

This abuse includes intentional violation of numerous District Court orders, the creditors contend. Also, the Debtor's counsel, David W. Steen, Esq., of Tampa, has now sought to withdraw from the proceeding as a result of the Court's refusal to permit Skyway to transfer an asset to his name. Inability to Effectuate a Plan The Talib Parties point out that the Debtor is out of business.

That said, it's impossible for SkyWay to effectuate a chapter 11 plan. The Talib group urges the Bankruptcy Court to dismiss the case to enforce the District Court's orders which will expose the illegal and fraudulent conduct of the officers in running the Debtor's business and handling of its assets.

The Talib group is comprised of:

* Nuwave Limited, * Omar S. Bangaitah, * Ahmed Salem Bugshan, * Ahmad M. Al Ajlan, * Ali Al Sabah, * Castle Bridge Investors Ltd., * Ibrahim Al Therban, * International Financial Advisors K.S.C.C., * Khalid Al Attal, * Kuwait Investment Company, * Kuwait Real Estate Company, * Q Invest Inc., * Madi M. Haider, * Mohammad H. Al Dall, * Nedal Al Massoud, * Osama A Al Abduljaleel, * Mahmoud H. Haider, * Pearl of Kuwait Real Estate Co., * Saleh Al Salmi * Taiba Group, Inc., * Therfield Holdings, * Waleed A. Al Essa, * Yasser Zakaria Al Nahhas, * Yousef Al Saleh, and * Nazar F. Talib. Headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, SkyWay Communications Holding Corp. fka, Inc., fka Mastertel Communications Corp.

- develops ground to air in- flight aircraft communication. The Debtor filed for chapter 11 protection on June 14, 2005 (Bankr. M.D. Fla. Case No. 05-11953). When the Debtor filed for protection from its creditors, it listed $1 million to $10 million in assets and $10 million to $50 million in debts.

..................................................................................... From Wayne Madson Report about Jeb Bush,Charlie Crist and Mark Foley........: October 3, 2006 -- Informed sources in Tallahassee, Florida have told WMR that Governor Jeb Bush was fully aware of ex-Rep. Mark Foley's conduct with underage male pages but sat on the information to protect Foley and another top GOP Florida official, Attorney General Charlie Crist, who is currently running for governor to replace Bush.

Today, Jeb Bush said he had not previously known about Foley's behavior with the pages before being informed by House Speaker Dennis Hastert in a letter dated October 1, 2006.

Bush said he was "dismayed and shocked to learn about Congressman Foley's unacceptable behavior." However, according to our Florida sources, the FBI and Justice Department informed the Florida Governor's office, Attorney General Crist, and the Florida AG's Child Protection Cybercrime Unit at least a year ago about Foley's predatory emails and instant messages. WMR was told that Crist's conflict-of-interest in the case stems from Crist's and Foley's involvement in gay sex parties, some of which took place during 2003 in trendy Coconut Grove, Florida.

Foley scandal reverberating in Florida gubernatorial race. Left to right: Crist, Foley, and Jeb Bush. Informed Florida sources claim that up until now, Crist and Jeb Bush have been able to keep a lid on the once-divorced Crist's life style, touting his conservative Christian credentials, but that the Foley revelations will severely impact the Crist gubernatorial campaign.

The links between Foley and Crist are certain to harm Crist with his conservative backers who admire Crist for his anti-gay rights stance. Floridians begin early voting on October 23. ........................................................................................................ AIRCRAFT'S OWNERS IN 5.5 TON COCAINE BUST INCLUDE TOM DELAY APPOINTEE MYSTERY OF 5.5 TON COKE FLIGHT DEEPENS SAN DIEGO DEFENSE FIRM TITAN CORP. LINK TO 5.5 TON COCAINE BUST IN MEXICO 5.5 TON COCAINE BUST REVEALS NEW DETAILS OF 9.11 ATTACK 'COCAINE ONE' DC9 IS CIA PLANE 'COCAINE ONE' DC9 OWNER STILL A MYSTERY FAA STONEWALLS RELEASE OF 'COCAINE ONE' DC9 RECORDS

Why did Osama bin Laden choose Jeb Bush's Huffman Aviation terrorist flight school ? Senator Bennett :Is Patrick Byrne's NCANS a Fraud ? Utah Gov Jon Huntsman,Senator Bennett, Hatch call Republican Senator Shelby 'a gangster' Does NY Times censor 9/11 Venice,Florida connection ? NY Rep.Peter King,CIA,Swift,NY Times,Republican stock fraud NY WTC 'protected' by Kuwaiti company and Marvin Bush on 9/11 Asa Hutchinson,Richard Rainwater,George W Bush,Tom DeLay & 5.6 Ton cocaine bust in Mexico Senator Bennett :Is Patrick Byrne's NCANS a Fraud ? Cocaina,Ciudad Del Carmen,Campeche, Abril 10,CIA,Republicanos Y PAN

Whos who

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Charle Crist just a little help from his friends

Joel Steinger: Con Man and Confidential Informant
By Bob Norman
Wednesday, Jun. 3 2009 @ 11:07AM

Notorious con man Joel Steinger, the mastermind of the Mutual Benefits Ponzi scheme, has cooperated with federal agents in an ongoing political corruption investigation, according to sources in the legal and political community.

Specifically, Steinger helped the FBI gather evidence on major GOP fundraiser and Charlie Crist political advisor Alan Mendelsohn, the sources say. Mendelsohn, a Hollywood eye doctor who recently resigned his post as the director of the Florida Medical Association's $10 million PAC, helped Steinger funnel millions of dollars into political coffers, according to sources.

It would seem Mr. Mendelsohn has had a long standing in politics. This in its self not an crime but brings up issues of medical liability reform; this initiative is key to ensuring that physicians and patients are not burdened by the costs of frivolous lawsuits or excessive damage awards." Read Here

It was through Mendelsohn that Steinger -- who was hit with federal fraud and money laundering charges in December -- attempted to gain sway with Charlie Crist when Crist was serving as Florida's Attorney General. Mendelsohn not only raised big money for Crist, but was also a friend and advisor who served on the governor's transition team in 2006.

Sources say Steinger wore a wire and helped implicate Mendelsohn during a conversation recorded by federal agents. That leaves us a couple of key questions.

First, did Steinger set up any other officials in his potpourri of politicians and lobbyists he dealt closely with, including Steve Geller and Russ Klenet? The second may be even more important: Has Mendelsohn, like Steinger, also cooperated with the feds and is he rolling over on other public officials, including Crist?

Charle Crist has has connections to Mr. Mendelsohn before . READ HERE

My sources have said for a long time that Steinger's corruption leads to the governor's office. Will Mendelsohn show the way or lay down a roadblock?

One politico who will surely have serious egg on his face in all this is Marco Rubio, Crist's challenger for the Republican nomination in the upcoming U.S. Senate race.

Rubio recently hired Mendelsohn as his chief fundraiser and kicked off his campaign at Mendelsohn's home.

This is a huge potential political embarrassment for Rubio. I'm starting to wonder if taking this job wasn't an act of political sabotage from Mendelsohn as one last favor to his real compadre, Charlie Crist.

That's speculation. What isn't is that things are going to get very interesting in this case soon.

Upon moving to South Florida in 1970, Steinger immediately ingratiated himself into South Florida's underworld. A look at the men he calls friends provides a guidebook to the so-called "Kosher Nostra," the loose confederacy of Jewish lawyers, bankers, and hustlers tied to the Italian Mafia. Steinger, in fact, has boasted that he learned at the feet of legendary mobster Meyer Lansky, who is perhaps the most important underworld figure of the 20th Century.

Legendary mobster Meyer Lansky ran ultraviolent rackets in New York with Lucky Luciano before he settled down in South Florida.

His powerful friends, in both high and low places, seem to have emboldened Steinger to criminal heights rarely seen. And his own mantra, through it all, seems to be those rude words his stepson uttered in an elevator so many years ago.

Before Joel Steinger had personal piggy banks full of huge amounts of ripped-off cash, he was just a working-class kid from Brooklyn, born on November 10, 1949, the first son of a man who sold books door to door for a living.

Joel's father, Harry, was a financial "roller coaster" who went broke several times, says Joel's cousin Marlene Steinger, who asked that her maiden name be used. Times sometimes were lean for Joel's family, which included mother Ruth and eventually two younger brothers, Steven and Leslie.

Marlene says Harry was scrupulously honest. But his father's ethics meant little to Joel, another close source says. He was frustrated with his dad for not being rich.

"Joel always said that he was angry at his dad for working door-to-door jobs instead of owning his own company," says the source. "He thought he could have been more successful, and that made him bitter toward him."
Still, Harry did well enough to buy a house in the New York City suburbs of Rockland County. At that time, he took the g out of his last name, changing it to "Steiner."

"He thought it sounded less Jewish and more German," says Marlene. "He just thought it would be better since he was living in the suburbs. I didn't agree with it."

All three of his sons would interchange those two last names at different times.
Harry died suddenly of a heart attack when Joel was about 11 years old. Joel, several sources say, stepped into the "man of the house" role quickly.

By the time he graduated from high school, Steinger had fathered at least one son, who was named Michael. He married the mother, Rhonda, but the marriage didn't last long.

"He told her that he couldn't mess up his life by having a wife," says Marlene. "And that was it. He washed his hands of it.

Michael and Rhonda moved to Arizona. Soon after that, around 1970, Joel, his mother, and two brothers sold the New York house and used the proceeds to buy a condo in Hallandale.
It wasn't long before Joel Steinger, then in his early 20s, was mixing with men with reputed Mob ties. And it didn't take long for Steinger to meet perhaps the most powerful gangster of the 20th Century, Meyer Lansky, who also happened to live in a condo in Hallandale at the time.

Before "retiring" to South Florida, Lansky had helped form the modern Mafia with Charles "Lucky" Luciano on the streets of New York. With Bugsy Siegel, he helped create Las Vegas. And he controlled nightclubs and casinos in Havana in pre-Castro Cuba. The character Hyman Roth in The Godfather was modeled after him.

Marlene says Steinger's association with Lansky began through Steinger's brother, Steven, who began an interior design company as soon as he left high school. Once in Hallandale, Steven landed Lansky's wife, Teddy, as a client. Teddy Lansky and Ruth Steinger would go on to become best friends, say several sources.

However they met, Steinger had gained entrée to a criminal mastermind's world, and he ate it up. Steinger, who always fancied himself a bit of a New York street tough (he boasts that he used to be a boxer), was in awe of Lansky. Apparently, though, the aging mobster wasn't enamored of him. It was Steven whom the Lanskys preferred.

"Teddy absolutely adored Steven," says Marlene, who moved in those circles herself for many years. "So did Meyer. Neither one of them cared for Joel at all."

But Steinger found another way to become a member of Lansky's club. He married into it.
Steinger met Bonnie Rosen when he was in his mid-20s. Bonnie had a toddler at the time named Michael whose father had died. Steinger swooped in to fill the role of provider for the family and quickly married Bonnie.

The 1974 wedding was held at the beautiful home of Bonnie's father, Philip Simon, on exclusive Allison Island in Miami. In attendance at the wedding were Teddy Lansky and Meyer Lansky's longtime lawyer David Rosen. The "little man" himself, however, didn't show.

Marlene, who attended the wedding, says there were police cars outside the home conducting open surveillance, watching everyone come and go. "The police were just looking to see who showed up," she said.

"That's the reason people said that Lansky didn't show up."
Steinger's new father-in-law, Simon, was reputed to have been an associate of Lansky's. Simon was named in a 1973 book by mobster Vincent Teresa titled My Life in the Mafia. Teresa was a one-time cellmate of disappeared union boss Jimmy Hoffa and testified in a case against Lansky

He wrote that Simon laundered money through Miami banks for known Mafia members, including Lansky. "Simon was hooked up with Lansky and worked at" Miami National Bank, Teresa wrote. "That bank was used to wash millions and millions of dollars for the mob."
Saul Loeb/KRT/Newscom
Steinger, right, who has plenty of secrets, yuks it up with since-indicted lawyer Michael McNerney.
Saul Loeb/KRT/Newscom
Ben-Veniste, a friend of presidents, cuts loose with Steinger when he's in South Florida.
Simon, now 88 years old and retired in Boca Raton, denies he was involved with Lansky. He was a major banker in Miami but insists he never did a thing for Lansky. He said rumors began in early telephone boiler rooms he operated.

"It's all garbage," he says. "I ran phone rooms, and I was the toughest guy in Miami to work for, and I'm proud of that. But I guess some of the people who worked for me started rumors that weren't true."

Simon says he had a terrible feeling about Joel Steinger, even on his daughter's wedding day. He says he walked up to his daughter in her wedding dress and took her aside.
"I want you to look at the class of people that are here," Simon told his daughter. "I don't know why you're doing this. It's not too late to get out of this."
But she wouldn't hear of it.

"I was very upset about that wedding," Simon says. "I knew he was a slimeball."
Once they were married, though, Simon gave Steinger a job at his import-export business, the Wig Corporation of America. The money allowed Steinger and his bride to build a house in Miami.

In the mid- to late ´70s, Simon leased Steinger space in his building equipped as a telephone room where Steinger began operating Crown Colony Commodity Options Ltd. With the new company, he ran one of his first boiler rooms, selling bogus options on commodities. It led to his first felony and the appearance on 60 Minutes. Marlene and others say Steinger said he took the fall for the Mafia bosses.

"From that point on, he was never the same," Marlene says. "He was angry at the world and wanted to get back at everyone."

Another source close to Steinger who spoke on condition of anonymity echoes Marlene. "He always says that when he took the felony, he took the fall for the Mafia," says the source.

Simon says Steinger never took a fall for anyone. "He's full of crap," says Simon. "I never had anything to do with Crown Colony. I wasn't familiar with it and didn't want to be. All I cared about was that I got a check at the end of the month" for leasing the space to Steinger.

If Steinger was bitter about his felony conviction, it didn't stop him from associating with men who were notorious for Mafia associations. Chief among those friends was Alvin Malnik, a multimillionaire who was dubbed Lansky's "heir apparent" by Readers Digest magazine after the mobster died in 1983. Although Simon denies a relationship with Lansky, he concedes that Malnik was a client in his banking business.

"When Malnik says jump, Joel jumps," says one source. "Malnik is one of the few people in the world that Joel respects and fears."

Malnik has always denied ties to Lansky, but the record tells another story. In the 1970s, he was involved in a land deal with the sons of mobster Sam Cohen, a close Lansky associate. He was also tried at that time on a federal charge of tax evasion, but the case was dropped when the wiretaps used were declared illegal.

As Albert Fried wrote in his groundbreaking 1993 book, The Rise and Fall of the Jewish Gangster in America, the wiretaps traced "in rich detail the character of Malnik's [underworld] associations."

Mob informant Teresa also testified to the relationship. "Al Malnik was an employee of Meyer Lansky," he said, "and the purpose of his association with Meyer Lansky was that Al Malnik would convert illegal cash by laundering it in various real estate ventures."

In 1980, Malnik was banned from the casino business in New Jersey because of his ties to Lansky and other organized-crime figures, a decision that was reaffirmed in 1993. In 1982, Malnik's Rolls-Royce was mysteriously blown up in the parking garage of the Cricket Club in Miami, a high-rise condo he developed where Steinger once lived as a neighbor.

No one was hurt.

In his book, Fried wrote that after being "groomed for a place in the gang/syndicate hierarchy," Malnik "disappeared from view." Not quite. Malnik remains a high-profile player in South Florida, best-known for owning the Forge restaurant and nightclub in Miami, a place where regulars once included Frank Sinatra and other members of the Rat Pack. Stars are still drawn to the place, including Jennifer Lopez, Julio Iglesias, Matt Damon, and Mickey Rourke, who worked there as a busboy when he was a teenager.

Now living in a 35,000-square-foot oceanfront mansion in upscale Ocean Ridge in Palm Beach County, Malnik has also made tremendous profits in the shady title loan business.

One of his companies, Title Loans of America, has a history of charging such exorbitant interest rates — sometimes more than 250 percent — that former Florida Attorney General Bob Butterworth likened it to "legalized loan sharking."

Malnik's comings and goings — including his high-profile 1995 wedding and his 70th birthday party in 2003 — have been documented in local newspapers. At the latter private affair at the Forge, Malnik sat at the head table with pop icon Michael Jackson, whom he counts as a friend and business associate. Another table was reserved for Arab sheiks with whom Malnik has long conducted business.

Ben-Veniste, a friend of presidents, cuts loose with Steinger when he's in South Florida.
Also hobnobbing at the birthday bash was Malnik's good friend Joel Steinger, whom he has known for many years.

The strong association between Malnik and Steinger is undeniable, but its nature is mysterious. Malnik, for instance, popped up in the state criminal investigation of Mutual Benefits. Investigators seized Steinger's address book and found phone calls from Malnik dating to at least 2002.

Another obvious connection between the two men is Miami attorney David Goldstein. Goldstein is one of Malnik's right-hand men, serving as the registered agent for many of his businesses. Goldstein does the same for Steinger and last year loaned him $602,000, according to county records. The reason for the loan isn't clear.

Speculation runs rampant as to what, if any, role Malnik may play in Steinger's business affairs, especially since millions of dollars are still unaccounted for in the Mutual Benefits swindle. Malnik himself, when reached on his cell phone, declined to comment on the relationship.

Malnik indirectly has played a role in keeping Steinger out of prison. Sources say it was Malnik who introduced him to former Watergate prosecutor Richard Ben-Veniste, a close friend of President Bill Clinton's who also recently served on the 9/11 Commission.

It was the start of a special friendship between the con man and one of America's best-known lawyers.

Steinger's cousin, Marlene, says the person who really made the con man's long run possible was the man she calls his "Godfather," Richard Ben-Veniste.

Michael Rosen echoes that sentiment, saying that Ben-Veniste served as one of his lawyers in Steinger's Crown Colony criminal case and has been at his side ever since, including the defense of the billion-dollar Mutual Benefits case.

In the file of the years-long investigation of Mutual Benefits conducted by Florida's Office of Statewide Prosecution, officials marked a folder simply "Richard Ben-Veniste." In it are letters Ben-Veniste wrote on Steinger's behalf and records of meetings he had with investigators.

Sources say Steinger has paid Ben-Veniste handsomely for his services over the years, many millions of dollars. As part of his payment for work in Mutual Benefits, he bought Ben-Veniste a new Mercedes convertible, according to court records.

But the pair have more than just a professional relationship; they are close friends.
Rosen remembers that when Ben-Veniste would come to town, he and his stepdad would stay out all hours, partying it up.

Their favorite hangout, say sources, was the Lago Mar Resort in Fort Lauderdale. "Ben-Veniste would come to Joel when he wanted to cut loose," Rosen says. "Ben-Veniste is the lowest of the low. You have no idea... and here he is representing us on the 9/11 Commission? It's unbelievable."

Marlene says Steinger even served as best man at Ben-Veniste's wedding. In 2000, Ben-Veniste returned the favor. The Washington, D.C., lawyer was Steinger's best man at his wedding to his third wife, Diana Morrison, held at the Four Seasons in Palm Beach.

Malnik also attended the 2000 wedding and sat at a table with Ben-Veniste, according to a witness.
Marlene says Steinger was boastful about his relationship with Ben-Veniste.

"When he went to Ben-Veniste's wedding as the best man, he was almost uncontrollable," says the 66-year-old Marlene, who lives in Lighthouse Point.

"He said to me, 'I can't believe he asked me to be the best man at his wedding. Do you know how important he is?' "
A clue to the answer: Ben-Veniste had been a regular visitor to Clinton's White House and had watched the previous year's Super Bowl at Camp David with the president and a few other close friends. Ben-Veniste, after all, was one of Clinton's great defenders when he served as the Democratic side's chief counsel for the Senate Whitewater Committee.

In the Crown Colony case, Steinger was sentenced to two years of prison and five years of probation, banned from dealing in securities for eight years, and fined an unspecified amount. But Rosen and other sources say Steinger escaped prison time and instead stayed nights for a time in a halfway house at the Salvation Army on Broward Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale.
Rosen and other sources say he boasted about bribing the Salvation Army clerk to so he could get out early.

"He was very proud about that," says Rosen, who was about 10 at the time. "He would come home early all the time with a bag full of donuts."

While Steinger was on probation, he wasn't allowed to travel out of South Florida. The problem was that one of Steinger's greatest passions was horseracing, and he owned thoroughbreds in Ocala that he wanted to see. Rosen says that when he got his learner's permit at 15, Steinger made him drive him to Ocala on weekends.

"He would make me drive in the right-hand lane very slow, at or below the speed limit, so we wouldn't get pulled over," he says. "That's how I learned to drive."

He says he didn't see his stepdad much otherwise, because he was always in his boiler rooms, whipping up money with phone calls and booze.

"It was all work and bottles of Chivas," Rosen recalls. "And the only thing I heard in my house was cursing and fighting. He used to come home drunk.

He would leave to work, wouldn't come home until 1 or 2 in the morning. My mother would find matches with women's phone numbers on them, lipstick. He had disgusting Christmas parties with hookers and cocaine. My mother would flip out about it, but there was nothing she could do."

Ben-Veniste, a friend of presidents, cuts loose with Steinger when he's in South Florida.
Steinger's former father-in-law, Simon, says he has heard the stories.

"If I see this guy on the street, I wouldn't even spit on him," says Simon. "He's sick, sick, sick."
Rosen's allegations about his stepfather's behavior are supported in public documents. State investigators summarized one former Mutual Benefits employee's description of the workplace like this:

"MBC was very disorganized, there was lots of swearing, was very smoky, fraught with office scandals, all of which contributed to high turnover."

Another former employee says Steinger and his sales agents had a habit of hiring prostitutes while they partied.

Court records from his recent divorce from Diana Morrison involving their 7-year-old son contain eerie similarities to Rosen's unsavory childhood recollections. During the divorce, his ex-wife filed a complaint with the Department of Children and Families. From the July 6, 2007, DCF report:

In the past the father has watched pornographic movies with the child. The child said, 'Daddy screams and says bad words to me all the time.' As a result, the child is scared of the father. There is a history of domestic violence in the home.

The child has witnessed this."
Steinger has been using his well-known divorce lawyers, Bill and Karen Amlong, to try to gain custody of his son. Steinger, who currently has half-custody, denied any of this happened and said the allegation was fabricated by his son at the behest of his mother.

But the report rang all too familiar for Michael Rosen, who last saw his stepfather in 1992, when the con man, with Ben-Veniste at his side, visited a restaurant where Rosen was working. "That man shouldn't be allowed to care for any child," Rosen says. "He's just a terrible human being."
Messages seeking comment left at Ben-Veniste's office at the Mayer Brown law firm in D.C. were not returned.

The son whom Steinger didn't raise, Michael Steinger, became a lawyer and moved to West Palm Beach in the early 1990s. He and his father reunited. The son's personal-injury law firm, Steinger, Iscoe & Green, advertises heavily on television, billboards, and even taxicabs.

It seems that Michael Steinger, who recently put up half a million dollars to help cover his dad's prison bond, has also recently run into some controversy. In a civil suit reported on by, Steinger has been accused of participating in an alleged health-care scam. No charges have been filed.

If there is a defining trait about his father, Joel Steinger, it is that he never seems to change — he just keeps doing what he does. And what he does is swindle.

As part of his Crown Colony sentence, Joel Steinger was banned from trading securities for eight years. No matter — he just jumped into all kinds of businesses using the boiler rooms to sell whatever he could come up with.

With a company he started in the early 1980s called Tara Petroleum, Steinger began selling interests in dry oil wells. The Securities and Exchange Commission investigated him again in connection with Tara and in 1989 permanently barred him from selling securities and fined him an unknown amount.

His brother Leslie received the same punishment for his involvement, but numerous sources say Leslie was simply an extension of Joel. Ultimately, Joel would come to control both of his brothers and use them to run his burgeoning empire and move his millions from one entity to another.And he wasn't kind to them.

"He would belittle both of them," says one source. "He would make fun of Steven being gay and just humiliate them all the time. But they would take it because of all the money."

A trick the SEC used against Steinger was to investigate him and simply order him not to violate federal rules anymore. It was an exercise in futility, since he simply moved on to other scams. In the same year he was barred from selling securities, he devised a business called Original Diet Pizza Co. Inc.

Rosen says his former father showed him the secret of how he could "make" a delicious diet pizza to lure in investors.

"He marketed this as a 'revolution' in pizza," says Rosen. "But he told me that the pizza they used was from Sbarro. They'd just buy the pizza at the Sbarro in the Galleria Mall in Fort Lauderdale, wrap it up, and pretend like it was their diet pizza."

The pizza business, not surprisingly, ended in a flurry of bitter lawsuits beginning in 1990, but it made Steinger some cash.

In 1991, Steinger started a business called Galaxy Wholesale Corp. through which he bought huge quantities of groceries in Puerto Rico and resold them in America. Marlene and her husband, David, invested $310,000 in the business, which Steinger operated out of an office on Oakland Park Boulevard. He also had two friends invest the same to make it a total of nearly $1 million.

Ben-Veniste, a friend of presidents, cuts loose with Steinger when he's in South Florida.
Marlene served as the company's bookkeeper and says it made legitimate money. But then she noticed the numbers weren't adding up and began suspecting Steinger was skimming money.

She says her worst fears were realized when she and her husband took a vacation and came back to find the offices empty.

Steinger had taken off with everything, including a Jaguar convertible that was owned by the company, and all of the investors' money, Marlene alleged in court.

"He just can't stay on the straight and narrow," says Marlene. "The business was fabulous, the money was coming in, and all of the sudden, we realized there was money missing. We left on vacation, and all of the sudden, there was no office. It was gone.

No telephone number, nothing. I tracked him down, and we had a repo guy take the car back. I would have loved to have seen his face when he saw there was no car."

That may have been the only moment of satisfaction, though. She and her husband sued Steinger in state court in 1993. She says one of the partners got their money back, but everything else was lost. Although it didn't financially devastate the well-to-do couple, she says her husband, a retired property manager, was emotionally wiped out by the experience and died soon after.

"Joel destroyed my husband," she says. "As far as I'm concerned, he killed him. He ruined my husband's life. I have never wished anybody harm in my life, but I hope they lock him up and throw away the key."

About the time the Galaxy suit was winding its way through court, Steinger heard about a new business, the viatical industry. The idea was simple if a bit morose: Buy life insurance policies from dying AIDS patients and sell them to buyers who would collect the premiums when the sellers died.

The idea was that the AIDS patients could enjoy the money before they died and investors could make a killing. It was another "legitimate business" Steinger decided to enter.
But it wouldn't stay legitimate for long.

"Joel has nine lives," says Marlene. "He just keeps coming back."

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