Monday, June 15, 2009

Taking a LEAP with Charle Crist

At a time when state lawmakers are combating massive budget deficits, state Sen. Victor Crist, R-Tampa, found a way to squeeze savings and inmates out of Florida's rapidly expanding prison system.

The measure, approved by the Legislature and signed by Gov. Charlie Crist, gives corrections officials the option of sending prisoners to other states. The law takes effect July 1."
Wow. Florida would rather send people to other states and pay for inmate incarceration instead of being smart and helping many non-violent addicts get treatment. Once again I say "It's the Prohibition!"

They are talking that statics show inmates separated from their families are less likely to be rearrested again.

My question is who has performed these numbers wheres the links for all us other voters in Fl. to see?

Is this like the numbers that show we needed to drill new wells off the cost of Fl. to lower the price of gas ?

When even if they could drill an new well in less than 2 years would not have an effect on the current price of gas.

The other side of this issue is some of these numbers are known as inmates families.

Wives trying to raise kids alone. Kids that with out contact will be the next generation of gang members and if LEAP gets his way legal drug users.

Sending inmates out of state to serve their time is just so they will not have to answer the question to it being cheaper to have rehab than to fund an inmates with tax dollars.

Do you think the other state in which we send them will pay the cost? Some how I don't think so.
So with no really proof and no savings to the tax payer whats the really reason for it.

Maybe the link to this issue is to force the private prisons to the for front.

Which Corp America of the largest. With ties to those who have programs that are also in our school systems not only in Fl. but across the U.S.

But what was overlooked was the private operated “Boot Camps.” Folks these places are still open.

The program LEAP states they have 10,000 members but only the names of an few published for their protection.

You would think the drug dealers would not be an danger.

Than who are they being protected from.

The dog with a nose for wrongful convictions

Could this be the same charle Crist "That opposes plans being considered in the Legislature which would lessen penalties for some crimes, such as non-violent drug possession.Currently, approximately 20 percent of the state's prison population is serving time for non-violent drug offenses such as trafficking and simple possession"???

It's suspect that our elected officials -- State Attorney Norm Wolfinger, Gov. Charlie Crist and Attorney General Bill McCollum -- haven't even tried to find an answer.

Maybe there are those who might spot links with other programs associated into our public school system.

This brings up where is the money the lotto was suppose to support and which gambling is now being pushed to do?

If the lotto did not help because no ones asking the questions as to where the original funding went. And the whole state school system in the red bailed out by government funding.

Than what makes Crist think when that runs out in two years the gambling will do what the lotto didn,t ?

Oh ya I forgot he wants to take the fight else where to the Senate.

Charlie Crist next month releases the first fundraising report of his campaign for the Senate.

I wonder if anyone will look into where all these funds came from being that he's had an history of questionably sources.

Crist, McCain donor accused of war profiteering
Alot of info on this post.

But with all said and done I find it interesting they what to make legal the very offense the prisons are over crowed with and willing to send to other states at the cost of our state dollars and the cost of transportation to the other states .
which are facing like problems & issues.

An question I have is this if you make legal the offense other are in jail for what happens to them when its no longer against the law?

The other possible reason is they know this would not fly with the voters making way for more private prisons such as Corp. America. Which in older post have connections to Bill Gothard and Character first.

The million dollar question here is should not Charle Crist be asked these questions before he leaves?

Law Enforcement Group Backs Legalizing Drugs

The drug tracking law (SB 462) is designed to reduce, if not end, Florida's role as the nation's leading supplier of drugs for illicit purposes.

Addicts and dealers come to the Florida because surrounding states already have such systems that collect data on pain killers such as oxycodone and other potentially lethal prescription drugs.

If they legalize drugs addicts and dealers might save money on travel but that would be the only way they would stay out of Florida.

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