Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mr. Charler Flys the Friendly SkyWays

Can you guess where old Charlie jetted off to on that same day, June 11? As the Tampa Tribune now informs us, he made a beeline for one very specific South Florida domicile: "the Fort Lauderdale home of billionaire Wayne Huizenga. ...

At least we knew where our Govenor was.

Now one may ask your self just where besides Mr. Wayne Huizenga having mega money have you heard that name before??

Maybe here over this issue From 1976-1985 it was known as Straight, Inc. and Wayne Huizenga had a reputation for being one of the major contributors to this foundation another was Melvin Sembler .

His name also appears in his issue.

Campeche 4.10.06
skyway Communications Holding Corporation Enters Sales and Marketing Agreement ...... and sold his company to Wayne Huizenga's Waste Management in Miami

There are other names that pop up who was doing the same thing as Mr. Crist. To refresh ones memory.

SkyWay is owned by an international assortment of spooks, Saudis like the long-time lieutenant of Saudi billionaire Adnan Khashoggi, and a number of other connected individuals.

SkyWay was founded by a Miami lawyer who is also the U.S. President of a banned Israeli ultra-nationalist political party.

SkyWay has provided material assistance to Florida Republicans associated with Jeb Bush, like at the time current Florida Senator Mel Martinez, who barnstormed around Florida during his run for office in a plane provided gratis by SkyWay Aircraft.

But of course they would had taken Mr. Mel Martinez word that he was paying for trips and where not ment as any sort of gift too.

Four current members of the nine-person Ethics Commission were appointed by Crist, including the chair, Tampa lawyer Cheryl Forchilli.

This makes one wonder the reason Mr Martinez decided to retire after this skyway connection came to light.

This is only one connection please take your time to read through

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