Monday, September 28, 2009

Crist serves lunch but dish hard to digest

Charlie Crist limits himself to a light dinner each day.

But the oh-so-polite governor didn't want to be rude to a corporate citizen like Burger King, which employs roughly 20,000 people in Florida.

So during a visit to the Miami headquarters, Crist took small nibbles of three products coming to a Burger King near you: the "Bourbon Whopper"

"BK fire-grilled ribs" and funnel cake sticks.

"Oh my word, that is delicious. Get it away from me," after taking a bite of the hamburger with the familiar toppings of lettuce, tomato, onions and mayo and an added kick of bacon, pepperjack cheese and Bourbon sauce.

Of the ribs he said, "Unbelievable...that is delicious. Superb." He declared the funnel cake sticks -- which he declined to dip in the icing to save himself a few calories

-- "kind of light and flaky, like a beignet."
He added, "Probably dangerous for my diet to have come here."

Actually it was his second trip to Burger King this month.

A visit on Sept. 2 had to be cut short because his plane was delayed.

So he came back, spending yet another day in South Florida at a time when his schedule is chock full of fundraising events for his Senate campaign.

He's collecting checks in Miami Beach tonight. Download Charlie Crist Invite US Senate "Isn't that convenient?'' Crist quipped.

But the dish Crist trying to serve that fast food will help Fl. turn around is just plan hard to digest.

Lets face it as an teen a job like this provides gas and money for an date few but managers get full time hours and the lines to fill counter positions long.

Would like to see Crist feed his family and pay bills with this job .

With rent food and utilities going up not to mention the cost of gas to get back and forth

Gov. Charlie Crist promotes low wage Burger King jobs as the way to restart Florida's economy.
``They provide an awful lot of jobs for people in Florida and that's really the point,'' Crist said after meeting with top executives.

``It's the economy, economy, economy, and any time I have the opportunity to visit a great Florida company that's international in scope and that really represents Miami and provides jobs

. . .I'm very grateful.''The Crist explains explains everything that is wrong with Republicans concepts of the economy.

Education and job training offers people the opportunity to move forward. Fast food jobs are the bottom of the economic shithole.

To push the point home .
Gov. Charlie Crist is well past the weekly allowance stage, but he's still getting cash help from Mom and Dad.

The latest e-mail from the Crist for U.S. Senate campaign comes from Crist's parents, Dr. Charles and Nancy Crist.

"We are confident that our son Charlie is the leader Floridians need in Washington," the e-mail states.

"There are only two days left in this fundraising period, and we ask you to join us in supporting the Crist for Senate campaign by visiting and making a contribution of $10, $25, $50 or even $100."

Dr. Crist touts his son's Cover Florida health care plan, saying that "as a family physician, I am confident that this type of reform will increase the number of Florida families covered by medical insurance, while reducing the taxpayer burden of costly emergency care the uninsured must often seek when a medical emergency arises."

The letter does not mention the fact that only 4,129 people have enrolled since Cover Florida began in March.

An estimated 3,560 Floridians lose health insurance each week.

Read the e-mail here: Download Dear Friends092809

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