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Will G.O.P Rebut Obamas Education Speech?

Full text of Obama's education speech

Will G.O.P Rebut Obamas Education Speech?
By Richard Wise

Current Update:On the news Geer has changed his tune about speech ,talks about Obama trying to give lesson plans to teachers.Mrs Bush giving her blessing.
I guess this must mean they don't want to rebut his speech.

Among those who wouldn't discuss the situation, or gave limited comments, were Gov. Charlie Crist, Greer's political patron; Crist's opponent in the U.S. Senate primary, Marco Rubio; and Attorney General Bill McCollum, who's running for governor.

But Rubio couldn't stop himself from tweeting about it."I have no problem with President giving political speech to kids........if his name is REAGAN," he said in one Twitter message.

Instead of feigning outrage at the prospect of President Obama addressing school children at the start of the school year, Republicans could simply demand equal time for a rebuttal.

Here's how I imagine GOP Chairman Michael Steele might respond to President Obama's opening-day remarks.

"Good morning, boys and girls. My name is Michael Steele, chairman of the Republican Party – the GOP. You just heard Democrat president Barack Obama speak to you as another school year begins.

We Republicans feel the need to respond to his left-wing propaganda, for the sake of giving you a “fair and balanced” perspective.

What you just heard the president say is plainly outrageous. He told you to work hard this year; to set goals for yourself and strive to meet them; and, above all, to stay in school until you graduate.

Or that's what you think he told you. In fact, this is only one more example of how scheming, conniving Democrats try to manipulate young minds and indoctrinate you into their godless world of socialism.

You don't think you were being manipulated with leftist propaganda?
Welll ... that just shows you how cunning and devious these Democrats really are.

When you think you are not being manipulated, that's when they are manipulating you the most. That's how good they are.

Let's go back and take a hard look at what the president said, point-by-point. We will see how his advice stands up to clear-eyed analysis by real, god-fearing Americans.

Then you can decide for yourselves what you want to do. “We report, you decide,” as they say.
First, the president told you to work hard in school.

“You can't spell success without U,” he said. “The only place you'll find success before work is in the dictionary” ... whatever that means.

Maybe that's true for Democrats and socialists. But they are on the wrong side of history. Look at the great Republican president George W. Bush.

Did he work hard in school? No! Did he work hard as governor of Texas or President of the United States? No! Did he ever work a day in his life?
No! To him, work was a four-letter word. And look where that got him ... he became president of the United States!

Still, this Barack Obama – a man who can't even prove where he was born – isn't the first national leader to encourage his people to work hard.

Seventy years ago, the chancellor of Germany did the same thing.
But he used the phrase, “Arbeit Macht Frei” ... “work makes you free”.

That slogan was forged in wrought iron above the gates of Dachau concentration camp. And who was that chancellor of Germany? None other than Adolf Hitler.

That should tell you something about the true character of this man, this “president” Barack Obama.

Now you know what he and his ilk really think of your school, and you and your classmates.

See what I mean?
You can't take anything these Democrat socialists say at face value.

All the time, they say one thing and mean another.
Second, the president told you to set high goals for yourself and strive to meet high standards.

But when Democrats tell you to set high goals and strive to meet them, what they are really trying to do is shift the burden for your success in school to you – and away from the socialist teachers unions they pander to.

Everybody knows that how well you do in school depends on how good your teachers are. Setting goals for you and making you meet them is your teachers' job.
Otherwise, you could just give yourself your own grades.

My advice to you is to just keep doing what you're doing and make your teachers start working for their over-inflated paychecks.

Don't play into the hands of their unions. All they want is more money for less work, but then, isn't that always the way with Democrats?

Third, the president encouraged you to stay in school. Well, of course he would. But ask yourself why. He wants you to stay in school so you can get a job after you graduate, and start paying higher taxes. That's what he really wants.

And what would he do with all those higher taxes, which we believe you should keep in your own pockets? For one thing, he would take over our country's health care system – already the best in the world – and use it to control every aspect of your life.

Yes, I said every aspect of your life, from cradle to grave.

If the Democrats did not succeed in aborting you before you were born – and, mark my words, they would try – then they will get another crack at you when you have to face their death panels. That's pretty scary stuff, and it's up to you and your parents to see that it doesn't happen.

When it comes to staying in school, you can decide for yourselves what's best for you. Remember, Governor Sarah Palin attended five colleges before she finally graduated.

And she needed to complete only 2/3 of a term as Alaska's governor to establish herself as a great Republican.

Indeed, she and that other great American, Vice-President Dick Cheney, dropped out of more colleges that the last five presidents graduated from.

Abraham Lincoln, the founder of our great Party, estimated that he had only two or three years of formal education. And his successor, President Andrew Johnson, did not go to school at all. Even they knew, way back then, just how wrong this president would be.

We think you should do what is best for you. That's the American way, and it's the only way to keep this country the real America we know and love so well.

Everyone knows that to get ahead in America you need only two things: connections and money – preferably, somebody else's money.

If you've got the money, you will make those connections. And if you have the connections, people will want to give you money. Either way, that's what you really want to focus on this year. Because that's what's really important in this world.

Democrats want you to work hard, to set goals, and to stay in school for just one reason: so you can become another one of their socialist tools. Do not fall into their trap.

Thank you for your attention. Have a good year and, as they say back in the ‘hood, “Don't play no freakin' fool,don't be no Democrat tool.”
God bless you, and God bless America. I'm Michael Steele for the Republican Party.

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