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Charle's Inmate Shuffle

Book Investigates Corruption In Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist’s Administration

1888PressRelease) September 30, 2006 - Tallahassee, FL September 30, 2006 – Extensive research into the two-year investigation of Orlando businessman Lou Pearlman’s Trans Continental Entertainment Group, Inc.

(a publicly-traded company
with symbol “TCTE”) by the Florida Attorney General’s Office has produced a book entitled Under Investigation (ISBN 0-9687133-3-5) which exposes corruption and intrigue at the highest levels of Charlie Crist’s administration.

Les Henderson, the author of another book on white-collar crime entitled Crimes of Persuasion: Schemes, Scams, Frauds (ISBN 0-9687133-0-0) has just released this highly provocative book, one based on thousands of documents painstakingly obtained through public records requests under Florida‘s Government-in-the-Sunshine Law.

Lou Pearlman’s model scouting business, which was essentially run by convicted fraudsters and other unsavory characters, was portrayed in the media as an outright scam.

What might be of note from the link above is "Pearlman scammed individuals out of an estimated $200 million, and banks out of another $100 million". Which I'am sure has not help Fl's issues today.

As reviewed by early post Lou Pearlman's name pops up here.

Beginning under Crist's predecessor, Bob Butterworth, the attorney general's office investigated a number of complaints against various modeling agencies that were later purchased by Lou Pearlman.

Pearlman is a well-known entertainment entrepreneur and managed famous "boy bands" the Backstreet Boys and N'Sync.

Pearlman and his affiliated companies gave $5,000 to Crist's gubernatorial campaign in June 2005, more than a year after the attorney general's investigation was dropped.

Other donations would come under investigation but where never returned read here & here

Review here further info on early post

McCain to Return Thousands in Questionable Donations - Political ...
Aug 7, 2008 ... McCain to Return Thousands in Questionable Donations. WASHINGTON -- John McCain's campaign ... Charlie Crist, a longtime friend of Sargeant.

$5,000 in donations to Charlie Crist called illegal by feds Federal prosecutors traced $5,000 in bogus donations to Gov. Charlie Crist to a man in the Dominican Republic who works for one of Crist's longtime friends.

Federal prosecutors in Los Angeles charged Ala'a al-Ali of the Dominican Republic with using straw donors to give about $50,000 to presidential candidates John McCain, Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton and $5,000 to Crist's 2006 campaign. Al-Ali later repaid the donors, avoiding contribution limits, the indictment says.

Al-Ali, 37, works for an international shipping company owned by Boca Raton's Harry Sargeant III, a longtime Crist confidant who until last month served as finance chairman for the state GOP.

The federal investigation, which is still ongoing, has focused on a series of conspicuous donations from Arab-Americans living near Riverside, Calif., including more than three dozen contributions to Crist on June 19, 2006.

When interviewed by The Miami Herald last year, one of the donors said she didn't know who Crist was and insisted she and her husband gave no money to the governor's campaign -- though records showed they donated $1,000.

''We never made any donations. I have no idea what you are talking about,'' homemaker Jihan Nassar of Corona, Calif., told The Miami Herald in August.

The indictment says al-Ali repaid the Nassars, who are not accused of wrongdoing, for the contributions.

In addition to concealing the donations, al-Ali is also accused of violating a federal law banning foreign nationals from contributing to political campaigns. Al-Ali is a citizen of both the Dominican Republic and Jordan.

Yet, after two years of investigation, the Attorney General’s Office virtually gave it a clean bill of health.

This highly-cited book will show you how the dirty truth was covered up, first by firing the assistant attorney general in charge of the case, then by a blatant attempt to first bury, then whitewash the entire sordid affair.

Over 150,000 victims expected Charlie Crist and his Deputy AG George LeMieux to act on their behalf to get restitution.

Instead, despite the thousands of complaints received by their office and the overwhelming evidence exposing a multitude of fraudulent and deceptive acts at the Orlando scouting network, Crist secretly allowed his underlying goal of becoming Governor to negate his purported “tough-on-crime” stance when it came to his Republican supporter, Louis J. Pearlman.Under Investigation by Les Henderson (ISBN 0-9687133-3-5) is currently available exclusively through

Consideration will be given to political and business reporters wishing to obtain a copy for review. Please contact the publisher to arrange for interviews with the author at 705-983-9060 or info ( @ ) crimes-of-persuasion dot com dot TCTE also traded under the symbols "OPTG" and "OTTG" and at various times operated under the other names of Options Talent, Inc., Trans Continental Talent, Inc, Wilhelmina Scouting Network, WSN , Web Style Network, and eModel, Inc.

Maybe this Explains his stance on this issue.

Another man may be victim of debunked crime 'expert' and his Ge...
Did magical dog jail a 4th innocent man? Scott Maxwell TAKING NAMES June 24, 2009 I n hindsight, it's hard to believe that John Preston and his magical dog were ever allowed to testify in court.
Full Story: Orlando Sentinel

Gov. Charlie Crist to start a full investigation.We’ve called for that repeatedly since the gross mishandling of the Dedge case came to light five years ago.

The Innocence Project has also called for Crist to appoint a special prosecutor to look into the Preston cases.

But Crist is running away, saying through spokesman Sterling Ivey he believes it’s “a judicial issue and should be handled on a case-by-case analysis through the judicial system.”

I believe this links Mr. Crist's stand to fix over crowding in our prison system but sending them out of state.

Well lets see do you really think the state that receives them will pay for their stay? Some how I don't think so.

So much for tax payer savings for the voters or the state. Not to mention cost to transfer them there on tax payer dime but return themas well.

That is unless you think they will just open gate say in California with having no paying job. But than again there would always be in house training say how to boost an car or rob.

There fore completing the in house rehab from non violant drug offender to violent crime.

Will it solve the issue of inmates re offending ? It has not so far.

The fact you will not hear from chain gang Charlie is it would be cheaper and more toward fixing the problem of sending into rehab.

This would be for non violent drug offenders. This would need to be an real drug rehab not one of Bill Gothard's magic mix of character reforms .

Which if sent to private run prisons run by Amer Corp. Also deals with Bill Gothard.

And least of all the open beds created by sending inmates out of state on the tax payers dime I'am sure would not stay that way for very long.

So the only thing that has been done is creat an funnel for which more inmates can be pushed through so it seems in some cases with out justice for all.

Strange Fact.

Governor Crist admitted to using marijuana recreational as a younger man before entering public life.
In other words he made a mistake & broke the law and was non violent.

Currently, approximately 20 percent of the state's prison population is serving time for non-violent drug offenses such as trafficking and simple possession"


Approximately 20 percent behind bars Charle Crist our govenor of the state of Fl.

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