Friday, July 24, 2009

Charlie & Ubele at the Movies

Did Neo-Nazis and Florida Gov. Charlie Crist share a love of movie or just an bag of pop corn??

You know could not help but wonder if old Charle gave this movie two thumbs up besides saying thank you or just happy the next movie was not Inoconda???

We all no how snakes don't hunt their own.

Several weeks ago, John Ubele -- the operations manager of the white supremacist Nationalist Coalition -- sent some Florida public officials a copy of the DVD "Jud Süß," a 1940 German film about a sneaky Jew who tricks an 18th century Duke into giving him control of his kingdom.

According to Wikipedia, the movie was made by the notoriously anti-Semetic German director Veit Harlan under the direction of the Nazi Party's chief propagandist Joseph Goebbels.

According to the nazi blog White Reference, several copies of this movie were sent to various public officials throughout Florida. Nice gesture, especially considering most hate groups prefer to send threats.

But the interesting part of this story is Ubele -- who has run for Florida public office himself -- received a thank-you letter from none other than our governor:

In the letter, Crist (or presumably an aide) thanks Ubele for sending the film "on behalf of myself and the people of Florida."

He repeats an appreciation of "thoughtfulness" and offers to share the film with "the people of Florida."Well, the cold hearts at the White Reference blog were thoroughly warmed, if cautiously:

At this point, there is no need to over-interpret Governor Crist's reaction. It could be that he is simply a buff of old movies and that he finds this movie enjoyable. Eventually, he could find this movie educational as well.

Maybe he thinks its worth the time to watch it. And should be made part of the character first program with Bill Gothard in all schools across the state in Fl..

"Tamar was partially at fault for being raped, because she wasn’t spiritually alert and didn’t cry out "— Bill Gothard

Interesting point here is Palins view of charging for rape kits and view of abortions not even right in cases of rape. I'm sure they where crying out loudly.

"Wives who work outside the home are to be compared to harlots" — Bill Gothard

Oh Oh I guess this maybe reason Palin quit her office office and the state of Alska early. Only time will tell on this one.

The obedience to authority component is one which has led to some problems, such as a sex scandal within Gothard's organization.

Did not help Sandford or Ensign either I see or the family at C street.

John Ubele: another scary political candidate

Another interesting bit of info is this item
Neo-Nazis Plan to Recruit at July 4 Tea Parties

White supremacists and anti-Semites are planning to exploit Tea Parties to disseminate their hateful views and recruit a larger following.

Don Black, well-known throughout the white supremacist and anti-Semitic community, both for his role as the founder and operator of Stormfront, and for his appearances and speeches at racist and anti-Semitic gatherings.
John Ubele, the Florida-based Operations Manager for the neo-Nazi Nationalist Coalition. A former member of the neo-Nazi National Alliance, Ubele was also a founding member of the Sons of Liberty Committee, a group whose stated goal was for "the interests of European Americans…to reign supreme in all deliberations and actions of our government." Ubele also

Hosted "Radio with John Ubele," a weekly radio program hosted on Stormfront.

Based in Florida, Black is a former Grand Dragon in the Ku Klux Klan who served prison time for plotting to invade the Caribbean island of Dominica and overthrow its government.

An little more back ground here

Black, who lives in West Palm Beach just a few miles from the Fanjuls' Palm Beach mansion, also works as an "executive assistant" in the executive suite of Florida Crystals, where the Fanjul clan's sugar conglomerate is headquartered.

Maybe this is why Crist interest in the sugar deal???

But Don Black — who lives and operates Stormfront out of a house owned entirely by Chloe and valued at about half a million dollars — is apparently unemployed, although he claims to do some Internet consulting work.

He solicits contributions to the Stormfront site, but says he draws no salary from the operation and has, according to an official Stormfront posting, "financed much of Stormfront's growth out of pocket, personally."

The website is believed to be at least partly supported by the salary that Florida Crystals pays Chloe Black.

The Fanjul family long dominated the sugar industry in Cuba, but fled after the 1959 revolution in that Caribbean nation and rebuilt their business in Palm Beach County. Today, four brothers — Jose, Alfonso, Andres and Alexander — run the family firm, Flo-Sun, from the same building where Chloe Black works.

The raw sugar producer has more than 400,000 acres of cane in Florida and the Dominican Republic and some 25,000 employees in subsidiaries including Florida Crystals, C&H, and Domino, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Charlie Crist's Office Accidentally Thanks Sender for Anti-Semitic ...HULIQ - Hickory,NC,USAThat's apparently what happened in this case, where a "thank you" letter bearing the signature of Florida governor Charlie Crist praising a anti-semitic ...

After 20 years in the service one thing that was drilled into you is attention to detail.

Being that Mr. Crist wants to leave his postion as Govenor. Which last time I checked was in the red & no jobs.

No money for schools through out the state where he wants to promote gambling.

Humm if letter was mistake with his signature I guess he did not read it.
Or someone signed his name to it staff maybe . So one could expect charges to be filed within the next week.

And having automated signatures isn’t uncommon for government officials. UCF’s administration even utilizes copies of signatures on letters to students. but not to read what his signature is going on another issue,

"What makes this event harmful is that there are people working for Crist who allowed this incident to happen in the first place. "

"It also appears a little too convenient that Ubele, who unsuccessfully ran for a state representative position in Pasco County in 2008, would send the film at a time when it is well known that the governor is trying to get the Senate position."

"Even without the suspicious timing or Crist’s actual involvement, it’s clear that Crist thinks that his staff made an “inexcusable mistake” in sending the letter to Ubele."

"Still, if Crist is having trouble controlling his staff now, it makes one wonder what he may lose control of if he becomes a Senator. "

If just over sight is this what the voters of Fl. want reading bills that go before him??? No control of hgis staff, Singning and not readin a bill.

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