Friday, July 10, 2009

Charlie "Pullin' Palin" or Palin Pulling Charlie

To get the inside scoop lets ask the burning Bush.

Rubio has challenged Crist to a series of 10 debates, but the governor declined, saying through a spokesman on June 22 that he was too busy governing Florida. That day Crist was in Washington raising campaign money.

Bush says the reason for the Republican Party's losses in the last two elections were not because the party espoused the wrong ideas, but because, "We didn't advocate our positions well enough to win" and failed to modernize its message.

Of late they have been either resigning an tactical retreat I believe it was. Or hiking in another territory not their own.

I don't know that seems to be an modernized message to me.

He says the GOP lost on tactics -- "In terms of the mechanics of politics … the Democrats have cleaned our clock."

But, he adds, "There hasn't been any kind of restatement of the organizing principles of our philosophy. … We haven't upgraded our message.

I would take this to mean the G.O.P going to give all their Governors and Senators GPS's so others no where there at.

But being he said philosophy an word would not have suspected from him.

I will give it an stab that is the wording.



If you close your eyes and listen to most Republicans, most Conservatives, the same speech could have been given in 1990."

Ok not sure which speech he's referring to, Gov.Palins , Gov. Sandford or Sen. John Ensign.

Asked why Obama is popular, Bush replies, "First of all, who cares?"

I believe I can answer that question maybe because he was voted in and is the leader of our nation.

Asked about his own political future, Bush replied, "I don't organize my life around political ambition. … Frankly I don't wake up each day assuming I'm the solution to life's problems.

Good no one would want him to think he was the answer to Fl's problems as governor.

He said other party leaders, many of them now unknowns, will be emerging, and, "I am content to be part of the larger effort that creates the fertile ground for those candidates to run."

I believe with out a shadow of doubt they are no none and have emerged and fertile but on who's ground might be another story.

But Bush says his current goal is "to achieve some degree of financial security for my family," and, "When you're talking about running for something, it requires an all-in commitment, and I don't have the luxury of doing that right now."

Humm I know of at least 3 had all out commitment but it was not to their wives and 2 that to them commitment runs out when their status fades.

The last personal financial statement Bush filed as governor showed he had a net worth of $1.4 million in 2005

There are people in Fl. with families leaving in cars I find it very hard for them to believe he has not the luxury of any thing.

Some vets who served their country to give him the right to make such @#!#$% remarks.

The tone of this interview was different. Bush suggested, for example, that Obama came into office with a "secret plan" to drastically expand government and the national debt.

That's kind of different from coming in as Gov. or President with secret plan to drastically involve this nation based on lies and cause the national debt in the first place.

To Florida political insiders, that language is reminiscent of a comment

Bush made about himself during his 2002 re-election campaign.
Referring to the constitutional amendment on public school class sizes, which he opposed, Bush told a crowd at a campaign event – apparently not realizing there was a reporter in the room -- that he had a "devious plan" to deal with the issue.

So he would not have told the truth if he knew any one was listening.

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