Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Some Snakes never Shed their Skin

Some Snakes never Shed their Skin

Or miss the chance in an up coming election year for photo op or present them self with cape flying around doing good. In this case the image of speedos , rainbow colored Hawaii shirt and fake tan is an image I could do with out.

'Python posse' set to hunt Florida snakes. Is it overkill?

But with recent news of an child getting killed by an python thou very sad and up setting. Was not caused by someone letting their snake out in the wild nor what has caused the explosion of them in the Everglades.

Its some nearer and not as dear to the Governors heart. that which he would rather not have known.

Because it brings up the issue in Fl. that has bothered the state under his watch "flooding" you see an snake farm flooded and release several hundred if not more snakes into the Everglades.

Wildlife authorities believe large numbers were released in 1992 when Hurricane Andrew flattened several snake dealers in South Florida. The serpents have since multiplied and moved north and east. Others may have been released by pet owners.

Watch as in nature & politics in seems proves two things snakes never eat their own or ever truly shade their skin.

In Crist's ability to raise many donations of large sums of cash begs the question as why he could not have fixed the flooding issues all over the state.

Which is linked to the new laws passed letting the developers out of the cost of keeping up the roads they develop.

Meaning they now could careless if homes built in flood plane area or plan for traffic in crease or other safety issues.

Those of which flooding brings bugs ,sickness,mold ,alligators "snakes other than crooked politicians like Crist in their homes.

"Even the wildlife sought dry ground at the home near Banana Street and Cranberry Avenue, as Kat Frantz spotted a snake slithering on her deck."

In like last flooding getting emerg. equipment in and those out.

"Much of the flood waters are contaminated with bacteria and viruses, and if debris is not quickly cleaned up, they can spread into your home."

With the talk of swine flu.on the increase I'm sure mosquitoes would not be an welcome sight nor mold damage to the homes either.

"She spent $80 on cleaning supplies, but couldn't clean the mold off her most prized possessions."

"Both Crist and Nelson have keenly developed ears for issues that are visceral, easy to grasp and offer opportunities for quick response.

Even if the quick response is mostly symbolic. It's no surprise that they discovered the Snake Invasion Issue almost simultaneously"

"There's one way to do this: Kill the snakes," Sen. Nelson wrote the Miami Herald last week, sounding a lot like the guy in the last reels of a horror movie who at last understands the Menace We Now Face."

I guess the Menace we now face being ones like Charlie Crist will not be run out of town but try to buy his way out to an higher postion.
" I was distressed to see the death that occurred recently,” said Crist. "

Whats not said or even wispered the snake was not from the Everglades
but gaves an reason to blame why there are some really caused by flooding.

Ok lets just do some math here to see how this adds up.

Heres an up date:

Nothing To Do With Arbroath: Florida launches mass python huntBy arbroath Florida's governor, Charlie Crist, last week licensed an initial group of fewer than 10 python hunters to begin trapping the snakes. Pursued by a pack of photographers, the hunters snared a 3-metre long python during their first foray ...Nothing To Do With Arbroath -

Inital group of 10 python hunters note not just game trappers.
That said they caught 3 ,I wonder when Mr. Charlie going to find out the number they gave birth to will not equal the number of snakes caught.

Instead of going after big game photo ops.

Would make more sense to find some thing that it's natural enemy or release something into the population that makes them non reproductive.

At the rate he promoting an whole army would not make a dent .Not to mention it was one brought into home as over ground dog that caused the death of the little girl.

No laws or bills underway to stop that I guess would not be as good of photo op.

Than again he would have to read them before he signs and sends.

Staging captures may help fuel the fear .

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