Friday, July 31, 2009

The Next Generation G.O.P

The next generation G.O.P. Aboard the Star ship USS Lame Duck under the lack of leadership of Capt. Crist Gay .

Its Mission to boldly go where other dishonest politicians have gone before. Its first mission to board the space station Everglades and kill a nest of evil space Pythons who have taken over. And getting as many photo ops as possible.

All the while collecting the gold bars left there by those fearing the space storm .

Always mindful of the staying out of the watching public eye. This mission Capt Crist has his hands full.

Midshipman Jindal just wants to blow it up and start over.

First class Sandford recently demoted for firing his weapon at another bush just wants to go on shore leave and go hiking. Doesn't really seem to no where he's at.

Council Palin don't think we need to ware protection from the evil space pythons. Just tell them no. She can watch them from her quarters.

Will not follow me to the station & has left her post early.

Weapons officer McCain's only remark is those dam Klingon Pythons will never trust them and would have rather taken the straight express transport.

Help Capt. Crist Gay in his lack of leaderships first mission.

First Entry Log

Star Date 2009/07

Capt. Crist Gay commanding

Repairs on the USS Lame Duck progressing we are leaking oil from our landing shuttle Gulf transport about 58,000 gallons as debate continues on reducing the USS. Lame Duck orbiting to the Space station Everglade.

I have to avoid"defining the allowable distance from the station. "I've always said it needs to be far enough, clean enough and safe enough to protect the space station. To date we have only caught 4 of the evil space pythons.

Moral low the conduct of first class Sandford of firing his weapon at another Klingon is spreading and expanded the Q got pictures of Ensign Stanley of firing his phaser at an young Klingon and tried to black mail him .

Did not read before signing order for movie for the crew This has only spread hate & fighting among the crew.

Entry Log 2

Star Date 2009/08 /02

Capt. Crist Gay commanding

Well sort of.

Council Palin made her first speech since quiting her post.

Speaking on the rights of bearing phasers but not sure how Weapons officer McCain's repeated remark those Klingon's just shoot them all went over.

Very afraid those of the crew like First class Sandford & Ensign Stanley will mis understand using their phasers to make those bear.

Uneasy her speech will draw attention to other actions I took just saying no.

Repairs on board the Lame Duck are not complete still leaking large amounts of oil and drafting toward space station Everglade.

Start Date 2009/08/04

Capt Crist Gay commanding

Or at least till I get promoted off the U.S.S Lame Duck

In keeping of the prime directive of the next generation G.O.P not to get caught interfering with any of the voters of any planet.

Our team created a forgery of Birth certificate for our new leader in hopes of getting him thrown out and one of our party G.O.Ps installed .

The attempted failed and has been on un-covered.

We need to find away to keep things censured.

Repairs on the Lame Duck still not completed which will bring up how to disprove it was us so not to pay for the space clean up.

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