Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's Ok I'm not Much on Funerals Either

I'm not much on funerals either we both had more important things to do.

Sen. GOP leader blasts Charlie Crist for skipping King funeral

Gov. Charlie Crist attended the Tuesday memorial for Sen. Jim King in Tallahassee, but by then, it was almost too late for some of the former Republican senate president's close friends.

Crist was a no-show at King's Jacksonville funeral over the weekend.

Seems to me has been no show for many things once being at magic kingdom trying to make his dreams come true than. But in his defense I suppose funerals even those of a friend would not be much of photo op.

Regardless of what party you in or who you might vote for there is a thing called respect.

As a retired vet those in arms friends or other wise deserve this.

Crist was in Aspen Colorado, where he attended a fundraiser for his already-well-funded U.S. Senate campaign. (Crist said he also had a family engagement, but didn't elaborate.)

Maybe meeting a friend for golf.

Senate Republican leader Alex Diaz de la Portilla wasn't too keen on the governor's explanation, saying publicly what many privately grumbled.

"Quite frankly, I thought it inappropriate and very disrespectful. There is a time and a place for everything," the Miami senator said.

Story on the memorial is here

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