Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gambling with Crist

Because he will hold them and very good at folding and leaving the state as Governor.

With many wary of his plan to expand gambling in Florida to generate more money for the state's budget and memory's of the promotion of the lotto suppose to beef up the funding already on hand for the states school system. The nagging questions is where did the money go it was suppose to beef up?

With the lotto sales growing in the state how is the school system now so deeply in the red?

Crist didn't make his pitch directly to the Riverside Elementary Community School teachers or students. He made it to a troop of television cameras.

Back in South Florida, the school's principal, Sharon López, said she didn't know the governor was coming to talk about gambling -- only that he wanted to see the school.

''It will put more money into education for this hard-working principal and, more importantly than that, for the children " Again a review of past issues Straight, Inc,

You no the one the X Govenor was on the board to Review here 3rd artical from the top.

"He said when the federal stimulus money runs out in two years, ``when we want the gambling revenue, we'd end up with squat.''

To my way of thinking the funding there was is now gone. Again where did it go?

The biggest endorsement on campus for Crist's proposal came from the president of the United Teachers of Dade, Karen Aronowitz, who has been battling for teacher raises for months. ''I'm for anything that will enhance revenue for education,'' she said.

2009 Legislative Lobbyist by Principal

Crist's pitch recalled the 2003 campaign by slot-machine proponents, who used school funding as a selling point for a constitutional amendment paving the way for gambling referendums in Miami-Dade and Broward.

And my last point to be made was it not Governor Crist that had the stand to lower propert taxs?

Not only did that not happen but now it seems hes trying to pass the buck about raising them .

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