Friday, August 21, 2009

Is God protecting the G.O.P

Or Crist protecting his own with his Almighty Winds

It would seem I remember another who asked God to intervene during a Democratic convention that did not work out so well.

Hurricane slams Republican National Convention, flooding the streets of Minneapolis/St. Paul with rivers of savage hypocrisy as levees of evangelical denial and sexual confusion overflow into the streets, leaving stunned party members scrambling in vain for shaky moral high ground.

As to protecting Fl.Seems like Crist has forgotten the flooding caused by last year's Tropical Storm Fay some of the heaviest rain Fl's ever had.
Hit Florida four times — a record — killing six Floridians.

Being Mr.Crist wants to use biblical content to bring him into the light.

Going to the Western Wall and inserting a note with a prayer. It read, “Dear God, please protect our Florida from storms and other difficulties.
Lets see unemployment high, greater number of home fore closer, No money to maintain our schools or pay teachers.
I might add other events that have taken place within the state of Fl.

Which the floods an natural event one could say caused by God.

The event of which I speak is the increasing number of pythons which was cause by the flooding in which Mr. Crist has taken no steps to fix.

Following the logic that Mr. Crist trying to bring to lite could God be punishing that of an state being mainly G.O.P.

The python is an snake just as another evil snake in the Garden of Eden.

Not to mention mold created by flood waters and Mosquitoes that bring sickness.

I think this is just a cynical attempt by Crist to encourage the faithful among us to view him as God’s chosen one so that they will support his bid for Senator next year .

If another storm hits after Crist has driven out the insurance & has nothing to fix flooding issues the people of Fl.may like to make sure he's closer to God or maybe another well none character.

The Associated Press
ORLANDO, Fla. -- Could it be divine intervention that's kept Florida safe from hurricanes since Gov. Charlie Crist took office?

Crist says he's not taking credit, but did tell a group of real estate agents Friday that he's had prayer notes put in the Western Wall in Jerusalem each year and no major storms have hit Florida.

He's not taking credit for the Foreclosure , problem in Fl. either.

Crist said each of the notes read, "Dear God, please protect our Florida from storms and other difficulties. Charlie."

The first time he personally put the note in during a 2007 trade mission to Israel. Last year, he gave the note to Sen. Nan Rich to be placed in the wall.

This year he gave a note to a friend .

He told the group, "Knock on wood. I would ask you all to say a prayer."

An interesting side note this was it was Pat Robertson proclaimed God would smit Fl. for their stands on gay rights one of them has to be wrong.
Might it be Pat Roberson or one like Christ trying to ponder their vote?
In 1985, Pat Robertson prayed away Hurricane Gloria which was headed for the Virginia coast.

He claimed that his success in steering the Hurricane away from Virginia was an important factor in his decision to run for president in 1988.

He said,

"It was extremely important because I felt, interestingly enough, that if I couldn’t move a hurricane, I could hardly move a nation"

I’m really not sure how Robertson could claim this as a victory over the Hurricane.
Even though there was no official landfall over Virginia, this was a major storm that brushed the coast, resulting in over $5.5 million (1985 dollars) in damage to southeastern Virginia.

Official landfall of the storm came further north, on Long Island, causing even more damage.

Overall, the storm caused $900 million (1985 dollars) in property damage and killed eight people.

(see Hurricane Gloria at Wikipedia for more storm details.)

You would think if Robertson could turn the storm away from Virginia he could have also turned it harmlessly out to sea.

Maybe that would have been asking too much.

Now we get to Florida and governor Charlie Crist.

He recently claimed that god is protecting Florida from hurricanes because he has prayer notes placed in the western wall each year .

I hope his connection with God is better than Robertson’s.

If not, Florida is going to be in trouble very soon.

Even if it has been a couple of years since Florida was hit by a hurricane, that would seem to indicate that the time is coming for another one.

Maybe this year.

The problem with Crist’s proclamation that Florida is protected is that people could die because of this.

If he really thinks that his state is protected from storms, how much planning is he going to do?

How quick will he be to mobilize rescue efforts when a storm actually hits?

If he takes these actions, he is publicly doubting that his prayers will be answered.

If he remains confident in his faith and a storm hits, Florida will be unprepared and people will die as a result.

I’ll go ahead and predict now that if Florida remains safe from storms for the next year or two, we’ll see Charlie Crist make a run for the White House.

But I don’t think this will happen.

Storms hit Florida every year. A major one is due before long, I just hope that sensible people are in charge of the preparations.

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