Sunday, August 9, 2009

G.O.P. Principles

I mean that you will become engaged in mainstream Republican politics.

Scoop!: letter from Jeb! to Charlie Crist! The Five Principles ... by gimleteye
Dear Charlie,

I slept on your offer last night. Yes! Let bygones be bygone. I will be the next US Senator from Florida and accept your appointment to fill the remaining term of Mel Martinez, the last man our team recruited to fill the job.

While I say, yes!, there are conditions that should be agreed upon by your signature,

"Should make sure he sighned and read it."
beginning with the assurance that this letter remains private, between us, and not leaked at any time especially to the blogs.

"So much for the platform of transparency
And now a little late has now been posted in every city in Fl."

To verify and proceed, please click ‘read more’.

First, your assurance that you will fight the next US Supreme Court nominee from the Obama. By fight, I mean that you will become engaged in mainstream Republican politics.

"Free Democracy: Teabaggers Bring Guns To Cohen Health Care Event
By See You On The Other Side
Steve Steffens at Right Wing Cracker: “Randy Wade is to be complimented as well; he arranged for security. There were actually idiots who brought guns (legally, it seems they had carry permits, but why did they feel they needed them?)….
Free Democracy –"

"Is this what he ment???"

Second, you must not ever appear in a photo with the Obama. Not by his side. Not at his shoulder. And not at his table.

“ I take it not across this means not across party lines too.”

Charlie Crist faces criticism over the slow pace. BY JACK DOLAN Gov. Charlie Crist, hailed as a model of bipartisanship when he reached across the aisle

"To him it appears that Photo Ops more important than discussing real issues such as python hunts"

Third, you will support Marco Rubio to be governor of Florida in 2014.

During this campaign, in 2014, you will appear with me in photos on my left side, which would be my right side facing the camera.

"Just nothing like being well trained wonder if he rolls over on command. That being said from other posting just a Little help from His friends such he does"

Fourth, that following your 2010 victory for US Senate-- which I will support -- you will staff 50 percent plus one of positions within your office according to their prior service during my administrations as governor in Tallahassee.

"Guess even he worries about Crist’s staff letting out his signature on thank you to a hate group leader and saying has looking forward to sharing it with the rest of Fl."

Fifth, you will not support immigration reform like Mel Martinez. The immigrants are voting for our common enemy.

"Well so much for the caring of Hispanic issues."

Democrats. When you appear before Hispanic audiences during your campaign, you will invite me to interpret your speech in two sentence intervals.

You speak two sentences. I interpret two sentences. You will agree that James Baker, my father's former chief of staff and Secretary of State, will adjudicate any and all disputes as to what we meant, when we said it.

"I guess image over rides there need to explain what they are saying in case they put their foot in their mouth."

Under these five principles, I humbly accept your appointment to serve out the remaining three years of Senator Mel Martinez' term.

You will agree to these conditions by signing your name and clicking the "publish" button. With deep respect,

Crist vows 'transparent' process in selecting Martinez's replacement

"Under these five principles none include leadership truthfulness transparency communications or honesty"

All my comments in “Bold “

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