Wednesday, August 26, 2009

But It's a Party Card


GOP Credit Card ControversyAugust 25th, 2009 by Whitney Ray
The IRS is being asked anonymously to investigate members of the Republican Party of Florida who used party issued credit cards to spend 3.6 million dollars.

If members didn’t reimburse the party for personal purchases or pay taxes on the spending, the IRS could seek charges. As Whitney Ray tells us, Republican Cabinet members deny any involvement with the scandal.

In just 18 months, 3.6 million dollars in charges were racked up on credit cards given to members of the Republican Party of Florida. Former House Speaker Ray Sansom charged 173,000 dollars on his card.

No one is claiming the rest of the bill, with includes a 4,000 dollar charge to a cigar store, 13,000 dollars for limousines in New York, and 20,000 dollars to a London hotel.

There was also 9,000 dollars charged at this Tallahassee seafood restaurant.”

Since the spending was revealed, Senators Jeff Atwater and Mike Haridopolos canceled their cards. Party Chairman Jim Greer cut his in two, but he isn’t revealing who had the cards.

Lieutenant Governor Jeff Kottkamp denies ever using a party card. So does Governor Charlie Crist.

Gov. Charlie Crist blew off a question to investigate Sansom.

“It’s not necessary. Who needs it? It’s a waste of money. We’ve got to save people’s money. That’s why I’ve never had a party card,” said Crist.

Attorney General Bill McCollum also denies having ever owned a card. State Republican Party Chairman Jim Greer cancelled all the cards, but isn’t answering questions about who had the cards and which purchases are valid and which need reimbursement.

McCollum told a Panhandle resident he did not have the jurisdiction to investigate.

After the St. Petersburg Times reported McCollum's email, the Attorney General suddenly put his investigative powers into action.

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